John McAfee Arrested: Online Software Pioneer Gets DUI In Tennessee

John McAfee arrested for DUI, possession of a firearm

John McAfee was arrested in Tennessee last Sunday for driving under the influence and possessing a firearm. If you don’t know why his last name should sound familiar, he is the man who may have created the anti-virus program you’re using to protect your computer.

McAfee also allegedly has a history of arrests, possibly including murder, though it is unclear how much is true. Living in the small town of Lexington, he has been running a cyber security firm known as Future Tense Central.

Apparently, John has been known for his rather erratic and borderline paranoid behavior, and his wife had suggested he see a doctor.

“I live a very stressful existence. If you believe the stories and believe the Belizian government might still be after me, that’s a very stressful situation. My wife is sort of put out because I’m up and down all night long looking out windows and things. I mean, people do think I’m paranoid, and perhaps that’s a paranoid act.”

The doctor had prescribed Xanax for the software pioneer, and he had been on his way back. The story behind what got John McAfee arrested has been questioned as it came from him, and he’s known for his joking replies.

“I had just that morning received a prescription for Xanax from a doctor… I’d never taken them before. The arresting officer decided that I needed a blood test, which I agreed to. I always carry a weapon, and if you are not impaired in the state of Tennessee it is not illegal to have weapons in the car. So we’ll just have to wait and see what the judge says about that.”

John had even been involved in various news stories concerning an alleged shoot-out, but he went on to explain that it was a joke.

He’d allegedly told a British newspaper, “As soon as I heard gunfire, I assumed my ex-wife had caught up with me, and naturally returned fire.”

After John McAfee was arrested, he even joked with reporters that there was a “sex tape” of him and his wife with a time stamp which would disprove the shoot-out. A representative from the State Trooper’s Office said they could neither confirm nor deny that the shoot-out ever happened.

Allegedly, John has a tendency to be very nervous, always thinking that law enforcement is out to get him, according to Inc.

John McAfee’s arrest is still under investigation, and his sense of humor may have only made it worse.

[Image via Joe Raedle / Getty Images]