Chicago Blackhawks Rumors: Patrick Kane Rape Investigation Could Leave Team In Limbo

Chicago Blackhawks Rumors: Patrick Kane Rape Investigation Could Leave Team In Limbo

The Chicago Blackhawks have remained quiet about the revelation that star Patrick Kane is the subject of a rape investigation in his native Buffalo, but rumors indicate that the team could be left in limbo concerning his future.

Reports emerged this week that authorities in Erie County are investigating Kane for an alleged rape that took place last weekend. Neighbors near Kane’s Hamburg home said police arrived Sunday night to search the lakefront property, with at least one officer wearing gloves to gather evidence and another police officer taking pictures in front of the house.

On Friday, the police confirmed that they are investigating an incident that allegedly occurred at Kane’s home.

The Chicago Blackhawks have been mostly quiet, but rumors indicate that they are gathering information and reviewing what information is available.

“It would not be appropriate to provide further comment at this time,” said Kane’s agent, Pat Brisson.

Patrick Kane has gotten in trouble for his behavior in the past. In 2009, he was arrested for punching a cab driver, and he was seen partying in Madison, Wisconson last summer

Last year, Kane said he was trying harder to control his behavior.

“How to work harder in the summer or take better care of yourself as far as eating and different things like that,” Kane said via the Associated Press. “Picking the right times to have fun with the guys and to make sure that when you’re doing it, you’re doing it right, and you’re careful about the way you’re going about it.”

While it’s not clear when — or if — Patrick Kane will be charged, police in Buffalo have implied that the process may take quite some time.

The Chicago Tribune offered a few details about the investigation.

“Hamburg Police Chief Gregory Wickett confirmed the investigation for the first time in a brief public statement, but he did not offer any more details or take any questions from the media. He told one reporter that he was “wasting” his time by staying in the Buffalo area over the weekend, suggesting that the case will not be resolved any time soon.”

If the investigation does drag on through the offseason and into the start of the 2015-16 NHL season, it is unclear what will happen with the team. As of now, there are no rumors indicating how the Chicago Blackhawks plan to treat Patrick Kane, but if he is legally bound to remain in Buffalo during the investigation, it could force the team to keep him off the active roster.

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