Savannah Guthrie Botox & Carson Daly Plastic Surgery Aired Live On ‘Today’ With ‘Judge’ Matt Lauer [Photos]

Savannah Guthrie has Botox.

Savannah Guthrie had Botox injected during a live broadcast. Joined by Today co-host Carson Daly, Savannah provided a novel demonstration of what it’s like to have non-invasive plastic surgery from a specialist. Guthrie revealed that her Botox injection did not hurt, reported E News.

Dr. Amy Wechsler began Carson’s treatment by using a topical numbing cream. She then chose Juvederm, which is a filler, to minimize his lines from smiling. Daly commented that he did not feel the injections.

In contrast, Savannah was not numbed. The physician chose to target Guthrie’s frown lines and temple for the Botox injections.

Savannah Guthrie has a Botox injection from Dr. Amy Wechsler.

Guthrie shared that she previously had Botox injections and hadn’t planned to undergo additional non-invasive cosmetic surgery. But apparently someone at the Today show persuaded Savannah to change her mind.

As to why Carson and Savannah had different fillers, Wechsler explained that they had different areas that needed some help in turning back the clock.

“Savannah has beautiful blue eyes but she grew up in Arizona and spent a lot of time squinting at the sun and smiling, which is a great thing but over use of these muscles cause crows feet.”

Guthrie’s crows feet were therefore minimized with Botox.

In contrast, Daly’s Juvederm injection is specifically for deep wrinkles, clarified the physician.

Carson Daly gets non-invasive plastic surgery from Dr. Amy Wechsler.

“This is used a lot for the area from the nose to the mouth—the smile lines. It’s for deeper wrinkles. Depending on the filler, they can last between six months to two years,” she said.

However, despite Carson’s braveness, men typically don’t want to even contemplate getting non-invasive plastic surgery, according to Wechsler. She hopes Daly will be seen as a role model for men who have been secretly considering it.

“Yes, there is a big uptick in my practice, but most men are still not talking about it. So I give Carson a lot of credit for trying it out,” she asserted. “I think there is still a stigma for men, but thanks to men’s magazines and people like Carson trying it, that might change.”

Carson Daly gets numbed.

If you want to try out Juvederm, the price ranges from $500 to $1500. Curious about following Guthrie’s lead and going with Botox? Plan to pay in the range of $300 to $1,500.

Savannah also was honest about why she had felt uncomfortable after her first injection several years ago. Guthrie confessed that Botox had made her look peculiar, reported the Daily Mail.

“I did Botox once like seven years ago, and I didn’t like it at all. I felt like it just made my eyebrows stick up,” said Savannah.

But this time she was courageous enough to give it a second shot, utilizing Dr. Wechsler’s expertise.

The physician, who also is a psychiatrist, noted that for many patients, Botox is advantageous because it minimizes lines without being permanent. As for the expense, Dr. Wechsler compared it to buying daily lattes for a few months.

Matt Lauer also was present but took on the role of judge and jury when Savannah said she thought it would be fun to have Botox.

“Botox, should it be something used just for fun?” asked Matt.

And while Dr. Wechsler emphasized the importance of selecting a board-certified MD who is experienced in the area of non-invasive plastic surgery, Lauer was busy taking photos for posterity.

As the Inquisitr reported, Snooki recently also underwent non-invasive plastic surgery to have her lips plumped.

[Image Via Twitter/Dr. Amy Wechsler and Twitter/Today Show]