Is Microsoft setting itself up for an uproar?

If there is one thing that people have always been slamming Microsoft for is its habit of bundling things with the operating system that other companies charge for, or have built a solid business around. The biggest of these that until Windows 7 has constantly gotten the company in hot water is its browser: Internet Explorer. There have been run ins with the EU over its bundled media player which saw the company having to release of version of Windows in Europe that had Windows Media Player removed.

While that has proven to be a total waste of time as no one would buy the release it hasn't stopped countries, and companies, crying foul every time Microsoft talks about releasing a free product that competes against already established companies. It is this kind of background that makes the news that they are working on a new – free – security product currently codenamed Morro.

Microsoft is creating a new PC security product for consumers that will be available at no cost to licensed Windows users. This new product:

  • Provides high-quality protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software;
  • Is fast and functional, providing continuous protection with minimal impact on system performance;
  • Is easy to download and install directly from Microsoft, with no subscriptions, renewals or credit cards required to keep your protection up-to-date.

Source: LiveSide

This new product is based on Microsoft's Forefront technology and is meant to replace their previous security suite; OneCare, which they have announced that they are ending support of.

Now given that the computer security business is very lucrative one has to wonder how the many competitors in this area will react to Microsoft's free offering when it comes to market. Could the company be setting itself up for another round of being made out to being the bad guy?

Should we start picking out dates on the calendar for when we'll start hearing companies crying foul and filing complaints against Microsoft as the EU loves to do at the drop of a hat?

What do you think?