October 25, 2016
#DragMeDownMusicVideo Gets 196,000 Tweets As Video Clips Of One Direction's NASA-Filmed 'Drag Me Down' Leak [Videos]

The song titled "Drag Me Down" by One Direction is experiencing all sorts of success.

"Drag Me Down" was sung by 1D when they appeared on Good Morning America, causing the #1DonGMA hashtag to soar, reported the Inquisitr. On Friday, August 7, another hashtag began to trend on Twitter due to location information about the "Drag Me Down" song being leaked. According to Twitter, #DragMeDownMusicVideo has received 196,000 tweets about the music video. The tweets have sent #DragMeDownMusicVideo into the top trending list on Twitter.

As such, some of the video clips found under the video section for the #DragMeDownMusicVideo hashtag are actually videos showing One Direction on set, walking and filming the footage to go along with the "Drag Me Down" song. While certain videos found beneath that #DragMeDownMusicVideo hashtag are simply those from folks who want to get attention for unrelated video or ones of former One Direction footage -- others are the real deal. Some #DragMeDownMusicVideo entries are displaying the excited reactions of the 1D fandom to news of the "Drag Me Down" song getting a music video.
Such as the video from Twitter user "1D Updates!" that shows the band walking and the videographer exclaiming that she can see the "Drag Me Down" music video footage better through her phone.
That video by Twitter user @KoriSmith96 has been retweeted aplenty, and is garnering plenty of praise for just how up close that Twitter user was able to capture One Direction. In that video footage the band can be seen hanging out in what appears to be a hanger, next to an airplane. The video footage is shaky, because apparently the person filming wasn't supposed to film. However 1D fans are delighted that @KoriSmith96 did so in order for all of them to get a peek of what the "Drag Me Down" music video might entail.
One Direction filming their "Drag Me Down" music video at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Center in Houston, Texas, has caused all sorts of reactions via the #DragMeDownMusicVideo label. One Direction even had to get Nasa clearance for their "Drag Me Down" video, reported Yahoo News UK.

Fans are creating videos beneath the #DragMeDownMusicVideo hashtag that describe how 1D fans are reacting to news of the band filming at Nasa. One Direction's "Drag Me Down" song is doing very well, set to debut in the top five of Billboard's Hot 100.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]