Is Harry Styles Annoyed? Nadine Leopold, Scary Fans May Take A Toll

Harry Styles is by far one of the most popular members of One Direction, but it can be difficult to get to know him when his mood seems to be all over the place.

Is there a reason that Harry Styles seems annoyed lately — and is it possible that being in close proximity to his ex Nadine Leopold has something to do with it?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it is not uncommon for fans to wonder what makes Harry Styles tick. However, if fans read between the lines of the headlines over the last weeks of July and the first week of August — it can appear that Harry Styles has been having a hard time lately.

Nevertheless, it is important for fans to remember that Harry Styles has a specific persona he turns on when he is on stage compared to interviews and his personality in real life. In an Entertainment Weekly review of a One Direction performance at MetLife Stadium, the writer specifically singled out Harry Styles’s on-stage persona and said the following.

“Harry Styles, long referred to as the band’s de facto frontman, gets that honorary title for a reason. Skipping, dancing, and just generally bopping across the stage like a wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube man, Styles’ onstage persona is far removed from what you might see reflected in interviews.”

Of course, it seems like Harry Styles generally likes this clowning around he does on stage. About the MetLife Stadium concert, Hollywood Life reports on August 6 that fans were ecstatic when Harry Styles joked around and poured water on the crowd.

Regardless, Harry Styles is not exactly consistent with his on stage persona and can appear to be annoyed. For instance, it was not so long ago that Harry Styles was completely unamused by fans playing the clown. On July 13, UnReality TV reports that at a Santa Clara concert, Harry Styles reported a fan in the front row to security. About the incident, the following was alleged.

“[Harry Styles] was perched at the front of the stage singing to the 80,000 strong audience when one front row fan decided to absolutely soak him in the face. She didn’t squirt a little bit of water, but drenched [him] and he was clearly less than amused.”

In fact, Harry Styles’s mood has flip-flopped a lot from this playful on stage clown persona — and he has been calling out a lot of people on the One Direction On The Road Again tour. In particular, Harry Styles had rough words for Sea World.

But could there be a reason that Harry Styles may be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster? As it appears, Harry Styles has been harassed by an American girl for most of July. Giving some explanation about why Harry Styles might be amiss, on August 5 UnReality TV reports the following.

“A teenage girl tweeted last month, promising to attempt murder at tonight’s concert. She posted: ‘Enjoy MetLife you little girls…He ruined my little sister’s life and he will now pay. I made this account to let everyone know that Harry Styles will die, August 5th, 2015, at MetLife Stadium.'”

On top of that, Harry Styles may have been emotionally distressed because he was in close proximity to his ex-girlfriend, Nadine Leopold. Harry Styles and One Direction were in New York City around August 5 to film an interview with Good Morning America.

Also potentially in New York City at the same time as Harry Styles was Nadine Leopold. According to Women’s World Daily, handbag designer Monica Botkier (of Botkier New York) named Nadine Leopold as the “brand’s campaign muse” around the first of August.

[Feature image via Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]