Freaky New Fish Found In Deep Ocean, Resembles A Hollywood Mutant

Scientists have discovered a freaky new species of fish in deep ocean waters

Scientists have found a “freaky” new species of fish in deep ocean waters where there is no chance of sunlight penetration, according to Tech Times.

Found off the Gulf of Mexico, the bizarre new fish is similar to a Hollywood mutant in appearance, and was found by researchers of the Nova Southeastern University in waters between 3,200 and 4,900 feet deep.

Belonging to the ceratioid anglerfish family, these freaky little creatures survive in what is called the ‘midnight zone’, where there is no light source except the occasional bio-luminescence radiated by some species of fish, and the pressure is a crushing 2,220 pounds per square inch.

Researchers found three females, ranging from one to four inches long, living in northern waters of the gulf at about one mile below the ocean’s surface. Carrying a strange ‘fishing pole’ which acts like a transmitter to help navigate the dark depths of the ocean, these fish could probably be classified as one of the oddest creatures to have been found by scientists in recent times.

The appendage or the ‘rod’ attached to the fish has more functions than one. Speaking to journalists after the discovery, ecstatic researchers disclosed how the new species find their food.

“This fish dangles the appendage until an unsuspecting fish swims up thinking they found a meal, only to quickly learn that they are, in fact, a meal themselves.”

Tracey Sutton, an expert on deep sea life, spoke to ABC News about the possible connotations of the discovery. She said this freaky fish could be one among many such creatures inhabiting the depths of the ocean.

“Finding this new species reinforces the notion that our inventory of life in the vast ocean interior is far from complete. Every research trip is an adventure and another opportunity to learn about our planet and the varied creatures who call it home.”

Ever since the discovery of the new fish was announced yesterday, amateur deep ocean enthusiasts as well as professional marine biologists have gone into overdrive, labeling the freaky new fish everything from a “fearsome-looking creature” to a “spiky, snaggletoothed fish, a sea creature from somebody’s nightmares” to “a rotting old shoe with spikes.

Only time will tell if the discovery of this freaky new species of fish is to become the mainspring of a string of findings in deep-ocean, but there is no doubt that this rather unusual discovery has left people gaping with wide-jawed curiosity.