Dutch Queen Beatrix Unharmed as Crazed Man Slams Car into Crowd, Killing 4

What was supposed to be joyous day for people in the Netherlands out to see their royal family quickly turned to horror as a crazed man plowed his car through a crowd of Royal Parade spectators, killing at least 4, critically injuring 6 and several others had minor injuries.

A 38 year old man who had fallen on rough times, lost his job and was being evicted from his home today decided to target Queen Beatrix and the royal family by attempting to attack them with his car. After smashing through the crowd at high speed and coming to rest against a monument, the car ended up just a few meters from the Queen herself. Her highness was visibly shaken but not harmed in the ordeal. Some of the spectators however, were not as fortunate.

I won't embed the photos here on this page because they are quite graphic, horrifying even. This is fair warning to anyone easily disturbed by graphic scenes of people getting hurt. These are photos of the car crash as it happens and while people are still reeling from the impact...

Photo 1 and Photo 2

The man has been charged with several counts of murder, one count of deliberately trying to harm the Royal family and various other charges are pending.

[Props to Michael Van Poppel and BNO News]