Watch Final ‘Daily Show’ Episode Online: See Jon Stewart’s Emotional Send-Off After 16 Years On Air

Viewers can watch the final Daily Show episode online and see Jon Stewart say his goodbye to the show that took him from a B-list actor and stand-up comedian to one of the sharpest satirists on television.

Stewart said goodbye to The Daily Show on Thursday night after 16 years and close to 2,600 episodes, leaving in a star-studded final episode that featured Stephen Colbert and Bruce Springsteen.

Now those who missed it on Thursday (or weren’t able to stay up that late) are able to watch the final Daily Show episode online thanks to Comedy Central (see the link below for video).

The final week of episodes featured appearances from some of Jon Stewart’s favorite guests, including fellow comedian Dennis Leary.

“He can be goofy, angry, bitter, silly and smart, all in the same bit,” Leary told USA Today. “Which is what he was always about. The gift Jon got from The Daily Show, and the one that he gave back to it was, ‘I’m taking the world, rolling it into a half-hour ball and throwing it back in your face.'”

Those who watch the final Daily Show episode online will see an emotional sendoff.

“From start to finish, it was fantastic,” said audience member Randy Gunnell in an interview with the Associated Press. “It was emotional, people crying all over the place.”

Stewart even earned acknowledgement from one of his most frequent targets — Fox News.

“He’s been after us for years,” Fox News chairman Roger Ailes told The Hollywood Reporter. “Occasionally we pay attention. We think he’s funny. We never took it seriously and he never made a dent in us.”

While many are devastated at his departure — former Daily Show correspondent Ed Helms said he was “heartbroken” — Jon Stewart still has a sense of humor about leaving.

“I’ll leave this show knowing that most of the world’s problems have been solved by us, The Daily Show. But sadly, there are some dark corners that our broom of justice has not reached yet,” he said.

It was also a show that ran a bit long. Comedy Central gave a heads up to fans taping it on DVR that the episode would run past the normal half-hour allotment.

Those who want to watch the final Daily Show episode online can check out Comedy Central’s page, which also has video from other shows in Jon Stewart’s final week. Thursday’s episode will make its way to the site sometime on Friday.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images Entertainment]