JJ Lane Admits He Didn’t Go To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ For Love, Believes Nick Viall Was Truly In Love With Kaitlyn Bristowe

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JJ Lane admits that he joined Bachelor in Paradise for the booze rather than to find love. Former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder had JJ on her podcast radio show Straight Up with Stassi. During the interview, posted on Thursday, JJ talked all things Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette, including whether he believes Nick Viall really loved Kaitlyn Bristowe and his true intentions in joining the spin-off after Kaitlyn sent him home.

When asked if he really joined Season 2 of the spin-off to find love, JJ quickly replied in the negative.

“Uh… no. If you actually say you went to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, you’re the biggest liar… I think the right reasons for Bachelor in Paradise is there’s a beach, there’s sand and there’s free margaritas.”

When Stassi added that there are hot people everywhere on the spin-off, JJ pointed out that there’s a high level of crazy that comes with the hotness.

“The hot/crazy matrix is like going off the roof though when you go on Paradise so, you know, you gotta tread lightly.”

In regards to The Bachelorette, JJ Lane said that he wanted Kaitlyn Bristowe to be the Bachelorette over Britt Nilsson because he thought that Kaitlyn was edgy and shared the same humor as him. He added that he really did like Kaitlyn and that they did have a real connection.

“We had a connection. You know it wasn’t as evident when you watched the show, think there was some more important things with my character that they were sharing, but Kaitlyn and I legit had something. As a single father who’s been married, I view finding a wife or finding a relationship a little bit more seriously or differently than a 26-year-old so I was very… I wasn’t falling in love any time quick but I was at least turning over the stones, exploring it, and I think when I went home, both of us were like, ‘This is the right time.’ I wasn’t upset.”

As for the return of Nick Viall to The Bachelorette in pursuit of Kaitlyn, JJ said that Nick is very careful in terms of how he behaves and what he says, and that his utter shock and fidgetiness after Kaitlyn let him know that he wasn’t the one for her shows that he really did love Kaitlyn. Despite The Bachelorette showing that she had conflicting feelings between Nick and Shawn Booth till the very end, JJ believes that Shawn was Kaitlyn’s first pick since day one.

JJ added that it was wrong of Kaitlyn to let Nick propose to her before rejecting him for Shawn. He implied that Kaitlyn listened to producers who told her to let Nick propose in order to ramp up the drama.

“It wasn’t the right move. It’s hard to second guess people in those situations for a lot of reasons but I don’t care if it’s reality TV, there’s a lot of things, like I was told, and I would just tell them ‘no,'” he said.

JJ Lane has actually hung out with Nick Viall after filming for The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise ended. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, JJ, along with Clint Arlis, hung out at Chicago’s Lollapalooza last weekend. Nick’s photos showed the three of them smiling as they hold onto their beers.

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