‘Twin Peaks’ Actress Signs On For ‘American Horror Story,’ Her Role Will Be Intertwined With Chloë Sevigny’s Character

Madchen Amick signs on for Amernican Horror Story Hotel

Fans of Twin Peaks are in for a treat when American Horror Story returns in 2015 with their Hotel season. Mädchen Amick, who played Shelly Johnson, and more recently as Wendy Beauchamp in the Witches Of Eastwick series, has signed on to star in American Horror Story: Hotel.

She teased her fans on Twitter with the following clue, to which American Horror Story fans jumped at immediately.

According to American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy who confirmed the cast addition at the 2015 TCA summer press tour on Thursday, Mädchen Amick will play the role of a mother to an ill boy.

“She is playing the mother of a boy who becomes ill. Chloë Sevigny plays a doctor and [Amick] is the mother who is involved in that case.”

Interesting to note on the American Horror Story IMDb page is the fact Chloë Sevigny’s character name for Hotel is Shelley. The same character name she had for American Horror Story: Asylum. Could Shelley have been a doctor before she was admitted to the asylum? As has been reported previously, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that all the seasons of American Horror Story are interconnected, so perhaps this will be the case with Chloë’s character? Although, the fact it has already been confirmed Hotel will take place in the present day rather than in the past (as Asylum did), it is more likely Sevigny’s role has been mistakenly entered on IMDb.

Another American Horror Story theory for Sevigny’s character involves the next cast announcement.

Darren Criss is rumored to be in negotiations for American Horror Story: Hotel. If Criss joins the cast that will be the fifth similar looking male character, leading fans to suspect Hotel may, in fact, house a serial killer as well as a doctor. Could the serial killer in fact be the female doctor Chloë Sevigny is playing? And, if so, how will this affect Mädchen Amick’s character? Although, according to Entertainment Weekly, the serial killer role will most likely belong to Lily Rabe’s character. Also according to EW, Criss’s role will likely meet a very grisly end after his character plays a trick on Kathy Bates’ character, Iris. If this is the case, Hotel will certainly be meeting it “horror”component of its title in spades this year.

American Horror Story: Hotel will likely premiere in October.

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[Image credit: Mädchen Amick / Facebook / WhoSay.com]