‘Gossip Girl’ Star Teases Possible Reunion

Former Gossip Girl co-stars Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford found themselves reunited — in a way — this past Tuesday while promoting their respective new ABC dramas. But will the two reunite in a more tangible way on television? Depends on whom you ask.

While making the rounds to promote his new, darker show Wicked City, Westwick found himself back with Crawford (who was promoting his own new show, Blood and Oil). According to Popsugar, the Gossip Girl pair kept everyone entertained with their antics on the cream carpet. Photos of the two clowning around hit the site on Wednesday, showing the actors dressed to impress but still ready to mug for the camera when they found themselves back in each other’s presence.

The brief unofficial Gossip Girl reunion was fun for everyone around, but what about something more? Both Wicked City and Blood and Oil are on the same network, leading Westwick to muse about the possibility of a meeting of the Gossip Girl actors on a different show.

He told E! News, “We should do a crossover episode. It’s great, we’re great friends. They’re all like family to me. I’m very, very happy for [Chace].”

On Gossip Girl, Westwick played the manipulative anti-hero Chuck Bass. While his Wicked City character is also a manipulative sort, Gossip Girl fans should be warned that the new character of Kent will be a whole lot darker — apparently he had nightmares while they were making the pilot.

Meanwhile, Crawford, who was Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald, is promoting Blood and Oil, a prime time soap opera in which he plays one-half of the show’s young leading couple. Some are comparing the Don Johnson-led show to Dallas, as it centers around the life of a North Dakota oil tycoon. How close Crawford’s Blood and Oil character will be to his Gossip Girl character is yet to be seen, as the show premieres in late September.

What’s the potential of Wicked City and Blood and Oil crossing over in a way to allow the Gossip Girl actors to reunite onscreen? We may have to wait until fall to find out if it’s even a possibility. Regardless, it’s clear that Westwick misses his Gossip Girl co-star and would be more than happy to reunite in a professional capacity if the opportunity were ever to arise.

The two Gossip Girl stars’ new shows, Wicked City and Blood and Oil, premiere this fall on ABC.

[Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]