Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Top 5 Rumors To Watch For In Training Camp

The Dallas Cowboys have training camp going in full force, but there are still a number of things that are not yet settled. Their running game was already kind of not all there, and now Darren McFadden is injured. Some spots on the offensive line are up for grabs, as well as in the secondary. It’s time to look at the top five rumors to watch for in training camp.

A number of position battles are ongoing already, and it’s going to be interesting to see who gets the upper-hand. Preseason games will tell a lot about what happens in the regular season so here is what to keep your eye on as training camp rolls on.

1. La’El Collins could start on the offensive line – Yes, the Cowboys may have gotten one of the biggest pick-ups in the offseason. After some legal troubles that turned out all right, La’el Collins fell out of the first round and out of the NFL Draft entirely. The Cowboys grabbed him as an undrafted rookie free agent and now the former LSU guard could be a starter by the regular season.

2. The running game could get a serious overhaul – Darren McFadden has an ankle injury, and the Cowboys are playing the waiting game, per NBC Sports. Ryan Williams is gone with knee problems, and Joseph Randle is about the only option they have.

Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys bring in a big-name free agent soon, and there are plenty out there looking for work. Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, and Steven Jackson are just a few of them waiting for someone to call.

3. Morris Claiborne will keep his job and his spot – For months, there has been speculation that he would not only lose his starting spot, but even his roster spot. His fire and competitiveness is already picking up in training camp, but he needs to step up his play big-time.

4. Brandon Weeden will win the back-up job and cause a stirTony Romo is in place as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, but his time is limited. Weeden could have a good training camp and should easily win the back-up job, but other teams may begin to look at him as 2015 comes to a close.

5. Dez Bryant will vie for the top receiver in the NFL – This is a no-brainer, but the Cowboys gave Dez Bryant the deal he wanted and that’s huge. With his contract issues out of his mind, Bryant could play lights-out and challenge Megatron for top receiver in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of battles to be figured out and competition between teammates is a good thing. The primary concern is the running back position, and you can almost guarantee that the rumors of a new back being on the team before the regular season comes true.

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