MLB Rumor Roundup: Utley, Dombrowski, And Waivers

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August baseball heats up this weekend as playoff hopefuls showcase their new acquisitions, basement teams practice their spring training form, and MLB rumor mills fire up with the revocable waiver deadline 24 days away. With Toronto already stocked full of talent to make their run, Houston battling to keep first place, and the resurgent Mets offense clicking on all cylinders, the second weekend of August should definitely be interesting.

Dombrowski to lead the BoSox?

Embroiled ex-Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski couldn’t help letting Soria, Cespedes, and Price go. However, the move ultimately showed him the door, leading many to speculate where the once highly touted GM will end up next. Sources have indicated that, although not during the regular season, Boston intends on approaching the GM. With current Red Sox GM Ben Cherington sitting in hot water for their abysmal 2015 performance, I’d call this less of an MLB rumor and more factual. The marriage makes sense, in fact, and could cause Cherington to head to Detroit.

Chase Utley is going…everywhere

With Chase Utley getting ready to play full-time, speculation involving his tenure with Philadelphia is the newest MLB rumor around the block. At 36, his performance wouldn’t be nearly as effective as his younger years, but nonetheless, he’s an efficient hitter and stellar fielder that someone like the Yankees could use. Even the Chicago Cubs have been linked to Philadelphia’s outdated player, although Chicago would much rather have someone south of 35 with team control.

Boston tosses Napoli, Ramirez on RV

Boston wasted no time ushering players onto the waiver claim list. Of the group (Masterson, Napoli, Ramirez, Brock Holt, Rusney Castillo, Craig Breslow, and Jackie Bradley), the several high salary players are expected to clear waivers. Napoli ($15 million), Castillo ($56.5 million through 2020), and Hanley Ramirez ($66 million through 2018) are expected to draw interest from teams needing an extra outfield or DH presence, so don’t be surprised if Chicago doesn’t offer Hanley a shot. At 33, he’s still able to hit for power (19 HRs) and great at knocking in runs (51 RBIs) for an organization that can’t buy runs. Masterson, 30, hasn’t had great fortune with either St. Louis or Boston, and would go (quietly) to some contender needing a spot starter.

Will Shields and Kemp clear?

The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo disclosed that James Shields and Matt Kemp were placed on waivers. MLB rumor mills will have Shields going everywhere, but expect him to stay within the division (he’s indicated his preference to stay on the West Coast). The consensus believes Kemp will probably go East, and with him being signed thru 2019 (eight yrs/$160 million), he’d be another great outfield addition for someone like, say, the Angels. Some team may need to eat his salary, but that shouldn’t be problematic for (either) Los Angeles.

As the August MLB rumor train heads through your MLB city of choice, stay tuned for updates as the Inquisitr is covering all breaking MLB news.

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