Justin Bieber Heats Up ‘Cosmo’: Reveals Spider Fear, Admiration For John Mayer & Katy Perry

Justin Bieber Features In Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot

Justin Bieber’s new feature in a magazine — this time, Cosmopolitan’s September issue — finds the shirtless Prince of Pop brooding in an oiled-up, industrial gym-themed photo shoot, and ready to dish on a few things people might not know about him.

Among the 21 mostly fun facts, the singer confessed that he wants to work with Grammy award winning guitarist-singer, John Mayer.

While some might be surprised at that reply, given Justin’s recent EDM banger with Jack U’s Diplo and Skrillex, some reviews pointed out similarities between his 2014 “Home To Mama” duet with Cody Simpson and Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.”

When asked to pick his ultimate summer track, the Biebs named Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” He also revealed his favorite tattoo was his owl design, before joking, “And the next one I’m getting is a tramp stamp LOL.” The Canadian went on to admit his secret TV viewing was ABC’s Scandal, which stars Kerry Washington.

Justin Bieber

Inevitably, questions involving the opposite sex popped up. The heartthrob, who dated on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez for four years, said the one thing he had learned about women is that they are “complicated.”

The Biebs was considerably more confident about the style he likes and doesn’t like to see on a gal-pal.

“A style I love is booty shorts,” the 21-year-old said, later adding. “The style I hate on girls is gladiator sandals.”

And when it comes to what he finds sexiest about a woman, Justin was just as clear, “Her attitude.” He also shared that he has a fear of spiders.

Justin Bieber fans didn’t just get a five-photo spread of Bieberveli to savour in Cosmo, the magazine included a behind-the-scenes feature of the session.

Justin Bieber Gets Topless For Cosmopolitan Magazine

The Biebs’ latest magazine shoot comes amid his ongoing celebrity-assisted countdown to the release of his first single from his fourth full studio album, which is expected to drop in September.

On July 29, the superstar announced with Ryan Seacrest that the “up-tempo,” “summery,” “pop, but cool” song is called “What Do You Mean,” and arrives on August 28. Huge stars including Ruby Rose, James Corden, Mariah Carey, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Benson, Ariana Grande, and more, have taken selfies with hand-held signs to promote the release.

Justin Bieber

On Wednesday, Justin premiered his upcoming single at the iHeartMedia Music Summit in Burbank, California as a surprise. After a jokey start where he pretended to tussel onstage with manager, Scooter Braun, he addressed the room and got serious.

The singer began, “I’m still the same kid you met, but I’ve grown up and becoming my own man,” before adding, “It’s been tough for me these past few years, tough in the media.”

The Biebs continued, “They want me to fail; I’m trying not to let that happen… I need radio play — I hope you’ll help me with that.” After talking up his new single and album to come, Justin reportedly called the room together for a group selfie.

Check out Cosmo’s video below.

[Images via Anthony Mandler / Cosmopolitan]