Beyonce Launches New Tattoo Line In Sexy Snap [Video]

Beyonce fans have spotted glimpses of a temporary tattoo here and there on the mega star over the summer, and now members of the Bey-hive can have their own. In a sexy Instagram snap, Beyonce gave the world a sneak peak of her new temporary tattoo product line.

The racy photo features the “Blow” tattoo, which Beyonce has stuck on her hip. She reveals the temporary ink as she pulls down her underwear.

Based on the lyrics and titles to her songs, Beyonce has launched X Flash Tattoos, a collection of temporary metallic and black tattoos. Now Bey’s fans can sport the same fake ink Beyonce has been wearing in her music videos, reports the Daily Mail. Beyonce revealed the new tattoos not just on her Instagram account, but also in the bi-annual magazine, CR Fashion Book in a series of black and white photographs, including a side-boob shot featuring her “flawless” design.

The fake tattoo collection features 57 different designs based off Beyonce songs, and includes bracelets, chokers, and gold hand and leg artwork. The tattoos are meant to look like jewelry. According to the Daily Mail, Flash Tattoos company founder Miranda Burnet said, “The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry. We wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied Beyonce – fierce, fabulous, and flawless!”

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The tattoo collection by Beyonce costs $28, and is available at, reports The Toronto Sun. Beyonce fans can choose tattoos from a range of song titles, including “Blow,” which was featured on her Instagram account, and “Naughty Girl.” There’s also a selection of bees for members of the Beyonce Bey-Hive, and even a golden gun.

Beyonce created some buzz about the tattoos by slyly placing the products in her Instagram photos and videos. She debuted the sexy tattoo collection in the “Feeling Myself” music video collaboration with Nicki Minaj, which saw Beyonce sport a metallic fake tattoo on her leg and her hip. She also shared a photo from a family vacation featuring a leopard print fake tattoo cuff.

Beyonce isn’t the only singer with a temporary tattoo line. According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna released her own tattoo line, an edgy collection aimed at fans who want her inked-up look but don’t want a permanent tattoo. Rihanna created the line with jewelry designer Jacquie Ache. The line features black and gold designs similar to Rihanna’s ink.

In keeping with the current pregnancy rumors, Beyonce fans swear they can see a baby bump in the Instagram photo featuring the “Blow” false tattoo, however, there’s no indication in the photo that Beyonce is pregnant.

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