Steve Jobs’ Life Is Getting Turned Into An Opera — You Read That Correctly

Steve Jobs

After revolutionizing the tech industry and dying too young of pancreatic cancer, the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs has been a remarkable one. Many have attempted to tell the story of Steve Jobs through films and documentaries, but never has it been told through music — until now.

According to CNET, the fascinating tale of tech genius Steve Jobs is getting turned into a full-blown opera by the Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico. That’s right, a group of talented musicians will be taking the history of Silicon Valley and one of its many front men and adapting for the musical stage.

The title of the opera is “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs,” and it will be composed as a collaboration between libretto writer Mark Campbell and composer Mason Bates. In case you’re worried that Steve Jobs’ famously electric life will be lost on the classical style of opera, Bates has also dabbled in electronic dance music — so he may be the perfect choice for a musical rendition of the Steve Jobs story.

“Santa Fe Opera’s impact on the creation and dissemination of new opera is simply astonishing, and I’ve been so thankful to visit several times over the past ten years,” said Bates. “The superb productions of works new and old, combined with the stunning setting, have made it an essential pilgrimage for me. I’m honored to bring the story of Steve Jobs to this wonderful house and look forward to many more visits in the course of its creation.”

According to the Sante Fe Opera website, the opera will tackle all of the major moments in Steve Jobs’ life, starting at the moment he learns he has cancer and flashing back to earlier points in his life, showing the significant moments and individuals who shaped his career and legacy.

Some of the influences in Steve Jobs’ life include “his father Paul, Zen Buddhism, his relationship with a woman whose child he initially disowned, his quick rise and fall as mogul, and — most importantly — his wife Laurene, who showed him the power of love and connection.”

“Each character will have (his or her) own music,” Mason Bates adds. “When they collide, that’s when it gets interesting.”

According to the Associated Press, “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs” is set to premiere during the Sante Fe Opera’s 2017 season. In the meantime, you can expect the story of Steve Jobs to be told on the big screen in the biopic, titled Steve Jobs and starring Michael Fassbender.

[Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]