Mark Schreiber: Phony Plastic Surgeon Mutilates Male Patient In Worst Way Possible, Charges Say

When a 55-year-old hair stylist went to a self-described “artistic” Florida plastic surgeon named Mark Schreiber to fix an embarrassing and painful problem, he came out with an even worse problem — a mutilation, in fact — one that would be devastating to any man.

The rogue plastic surgeon left the hair stylist, who for obvious reasons has not been named publicly, with a destroyed and disfigured penis that was only one inch long. And that wasn’t even the worst of it.

“The victim’s penis was now incredibly small, yet very swollen and the skin around the shaft had been removed and was raw,” according to a police warrant that led to the arrest of Schreiber last Friday — the bogus doctor’s second arrest for practicing without a license.

The victim was left completely unable to engage in sexual relations — erections are now extraordinarily painful for him, and he also has no sensation during urination — and with his life turned upside down.

When the cops busted the 60-year-old Schreiber — who was released from prison in 2010 after his first conviction for practicing without a license — they searched his home in Tamarac, Florida, and found, among other discoveries, homemade breast implants.

Police described Schreiber’s unlicensed practice as a “sort of gypsy thing, peddling his services to unscrupulous dealers.”

“He may have been doing clandestine surgeries on other people who don’t know or who don’t care about his history,” Hialeah Police Sergeant Carl Zogby said of Schreiber, who in 2008 pleaded guilty to four counts of practicing medicine without a license after botching a series of eye, lip, and breast surgeries on four women, and was sentenced to two years behind bars.

The incident that got Schreiber arrested this time around began when the victim, a man who had long been self-conscious about what he perceived to be his overly small penis, went to a different doctor, named by police as Nery Carvajal Gonzalez, 48, for a procedure to inject an artificial “filler” into the organ, a substance which, the doctor said, would give his male member greater length and girth.

But the man was immediately horrified by the results, which he said caused his genitalia to appear grotesque and deformed. So he went to Mark Schreiber, whose practice advertised him as possessing “talented artistic surgical ability and expertise in handling difficult cases.”

After the disastrous procedure performed by Schreiber — who first lost his license in 2005 — the victim returned to “Dr. Mark,” who nonchalantly told him that his one-inch penis was a typical side effect of the procedure and that all the man had to do was wrap the penis up in a splint and keep in straight, and eventually, everything would be okay.

As excruciating as they seem, penis enlargement procedures when performed by licensed and experienced physicians can actually work, as the Inquisitr story at this link demonstrates.

The victim said that Schreiber stopped returning his calls after that return visit. Carvajal, the doctor who apparently botched the original penis enlargement procedure, reportedly told the victim that his problems were his own fault due to his “vanity.” But that doctor is also now sought by police for allegedly practicing without a license.

[Image: Broward County Sheriff’s Office]