Walter Palmer Patient Opens Up: She’s ‘Sick’ To Know Money Paid To The Dentist Funded ‘Animal-Killing Vacations’

American dentist Walter Palmer is still being targeted for his role in the hunting and killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in early July. He’s currently being sought for extradition by Zimbabwe for illegally killing the animal. His professional hunting guides are already being charged with illegal poaching.

In the midst of being put in a position of feeling hunted himself, he no doubt has some patients that he’s treated who’re shocked and dismayed over his hunting practices. This is definitely true when it comes to a woman who says that she and her family had gone to the dentist for treatment for years.

Now-former patient Morgan Strober tells People in an exclusive interview that she had no idea Palmer’s fancy vacations to Africa entailed killing the animals there.

“Dr. Palmer was always very smiley. It was no secret that he often took exotic vacations, but there was never any mention of hunting, not even to us, and we were on very good terms.”

Disgusted and saddened at the dentist’s actions, Strober says everyone is “appalled” at what the American dentist did to Cecil.

“People all around me are talking about it. Everyone is appalled.”

Perhaps what sickens Strober so much about the dentist killing this lion is the enormity of what he’s done in previous hunts.

“I’m no vegetarian and have nothing against hunting if a person is going to eat or otherwise make use of the animal… But to shoot and kill for fun, especially endangered species, I find morally and ethically corrupt.

I also feel absolutely sick to know that the literally tens of thousands of dollars my family has paid him over the years – my braces, crowns for my parents, bridges for my grandmother, countless cleanings, fillings and tooth whitenings – has gone to fund animal-killing vacations.

My family has already written a letter saying that in good conscience, we cannot continue to support his practice and will be looking for a new dentist.”


Aside from Walter Palmer’s dental office in Minnesota being the target of public outrage, his Florida home is being vandalized, WBBH 2 reports.

Palmer’s only statement in the whole lion killing was that he had no idea that he hunted a “local favorite.”

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt.”

[Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot]