WWE Rumors: Will The Rock Be At ‘WrestleMania 32’ — WWE Gives Huge Hint That He Will Be A Big Part

There are already so many rumors going around for WrestleMania 32, and the huge WWE event in Texas won’t even take place until next year. Still, things are already starting to fall into place, and the wonders are starting to flow. One of those big wonders is if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be there, and WWE has dropped a huge hint that he won’t just be there, but that he’ll be a focus.

According to WrestleZone, WWE has now changed over the wraps on their production trucks, and they are promoting WrestleMania 32. On the graphics, The Rock is featured most prominently out of all other superstars.

Back at WrestleMania 31, The Rock showed up to confront Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He ended up bringing UFC star Ronda Rousey into the ring to even up the odds. Rousey is also rumored to show up at the big event next year, but a lot of hurdles still need to be crossed for that to happen.

If Rousey doesn’t end up at the PPV, The Rock still very well could be there. The biggest rumor going around is that he will face off in a singles match against Triple H for a little old-school feel.

the rock wrestlemania 32

If Rosuey does end up being able to wrestle, then it could turn into a mixed tag team match where she is partnered with The Rock. They would likely face off with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

The WWE production trucks are also said to feature Nikki Bella quite prominently, and it’s far too early to determine a Divas feud for WrestleMania 32. Maybe the graphics for the trucks just ended up that way, but having a non full-time wrestler featured in such a big fashion is likely not just a coincidence.

So, many things could end up happening between now and WrestleMania 32, so there is nothing really set in stone. A number of other rumors are already going around about the big event, too.

If WWE wasn’t already sure that The Rock isn’t going to be at WrestleMania 32, then it’s hard to believe they would promote him in such a big fashion as being on their production trucks. Maybe the graphics are nothing more than just graphics, but it seems like a really big hint.

[Images via WWE]