Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart Mock Sexist Hollywood Interviews With Must-Watch ‘Funny Or Die’ Parody [Video]

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart mock Hollywood sexism.

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are promoting their film American Ultra. So, Jesse teamed up with Kristen to mock traditional interviews. Eisenberg, 31, and Stewart, 25, turned their conversation for Funny or Die into a parody that pointed out the sexism that many feel prevails in Hollywood, reported the Daily Mail.

Kristen didn’t have to field the usual questions tossed at actresses. Instead, Jesse was asked the questions that were meant for Eisenberg’s co-star, Kristen.

And here’s the kicker: Stewart had swapped the interview cards, and Jesse initially didn’t even know about her prank. As a result, Eisenberg at first was stunned when he started receiving what may have been the most unanticipated questions of his career.

“The question I have for you, Kristen. It’s kind of a strange one actually — how did you bulk up for this role?” asked not-on-the-clue-train Jesse.

“I don’t typically really need to work out,” Stewart said cheerfully. “I just focus on staying healthy and grounded.”

Maintaining a calm face while Jesse looked baffled, Kristen questioned Eisenberg about his style.

“Do you have any favorite designers?” queried Stewart.

Baffled, Jessie then pondered the issue of whether their cards have been swapped, although he didn’t seem to suspect that Kristen was the culprit.

“Is that what it says on there? I think they may have switched our cards,” said Eisenberg innocently.

Kristen maintained the role reversal successfully.

“I do actually get asked these questions a lot,” she said sweetly.

“You do?” asked a startled Jesse.

Eisenberg was reassured by Kristen that these types of questions were standard for her before she continued the prank, asking questions such as who he was dating and if he was pregnant. Stewart even asked if Jesse’s “boobs” sometimes appeared by accident.

“And is that ever funny or awkward? Or do you do that on purpose to get attention?” Kristen asked Eisenberg.

Jesse made it clear that he was aware that they were supposed to be promoting American Ultra, which opens on August 21.

“A lot of the questions you’re asking me feel like they’re about things that are not about the movie,” pointed out Eisenberg.

Kristen finally confessed that she had pranked Jesse.

Eisenberg, Stewart, Tony Hale, and Topher Grace co-star in the film, which features Jesse as a convenience store clerk who then gets rebirthed into a prior life as a government operative. Kristen plays his gal pal trying to help him survive the bad guys.

But was Jesse in on the prank? Eisenberg knew about the swap ahead of time, according to USA Today.

As a result, both Jesse and Kristen were revealing through their parody how actors typically are asked about favorite sports and gym workouts while actresses get the questions on fashion designers and relationships.

As the Inquisitr reported, Maggie Gyllenhaal recently charged that Hollywood is sexist and ageist when she lost the role of a lover to a 55-year-old male star because she was told that, at 37, she was too old.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images]