WWE Rumors: WWE Teasing Match Between Sting And ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin — Could It Happen?

Sting finally arriving in WWE last year opened the doors for so many possibilities, but the wrestling icon isn’t getting any younger. Fans now are hoping that a match against The Undertaker will someday happen, but what about other legends? “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has now teased a hypothetical match with Sting, and even said he would be in for it.

WWE has posted an exclusive interview with Austin, and he talks about a number of different topics. One of those is being on the cover of WWE 2K16, but the more interesting tidbit is when asked about a possible match with Sting.

Austin first discusses the old days in WCW, and how there was a time when he went one-on-one with the Stinger.

“Man, the Baltimore Arena… I was talking about this just the other day on my podcast. Man, that was a rough building. A fun building to work that just hadn’t been upgraded in such a long time. I think Baltimore was really, in Sting’s WCW days, a stronghold for him. Chicago was that stronghold for me. And don’t get me wrong: Sting was over wherever he went. I think the guy is WWE Hall of Fame material. But I do believe that that was one of his strongholds way back in the day. So, that man, I tell you what, that ain’t a bad matchup and he’s another guy that I worked with many times down in WCW. When he was on top, I was kind of a mid-card guy and we had great matches.”

When he was in WCW, though, Austin had his blond hair and was not on the same level that he was in WWE. He didn’t have the “Stone Cold” gimmick, and never rose to the levels of stardom that he did once moving over.

Austin does continue on to say that he would definitely be ready for a match with Sting if the opportunity presented itself.

“It would be great to play ‘Stone Cold’ vs. Sting in any arena you can pick, and if you’re going to pick the Baltimore Arena, I’m down with that.”

On numerous occasions, Austin has said that he’s in the best shape of his life and that he can do anything. He’s teased having another match or two, and even worked up a frenzy with his comments about a possible match with Brock Lesnar that he then said wouldn’t happen.

Sting has recently been said to be in “great shape” for his age, but then he was pulled from the WWE SummerSlam card, too. For two guys in great shape and never having had a match against each other at their highest levels, it would be interesting.

Actually, Sting revealed earlier this year that he almost signed with WWE in 2003, and it was specifically to have a feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He was going to debut at the end of WrestleMania XIX, and confront Austin.

Sting said that negotiations fell apart and “it never happened.” He went on to wonder “what if,” but wishes it would have happened. Austin said he wasn’t aware of Sting almost signing with WWE, but knows it would have been great.

The world may never get to see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin take on the icon known as Sting, but it’s fun to dream. Now, hopefully, there will be a Sting vs. Undertaker match, and maybe it’s going to begin at Survivor Series, as the WWE also recently teased.

[Image via Ringside News]