Mom On Bath Salts Tries To Baptize Baby In Irrigation Ditch

An Idaho mom was reportedly high on bath salts when she jumped into an irrigation ditch while holding her young infant. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Regina Dilworth has been charged with felony injury to a child and misdemeanor injury to a child, but that’s nothing compared to the charges she would have faced had she killed her baby during the incident.

KTVB News reports that the Nampa woman attracted attention from witnesses first when she approached at least one random stranger in an attempt to hand off one of her children. With her 4-year-old daughter following behind her, she reportedly told a stranger to “save my girl,” while attempting to give away the little girl. Afterward, another witness tried to check on the welfare of the 22-year-old mother and her children, but was ignored. This witness took it upon herself to follow the trio to the irrigation ditch, where Regina Dilworth then jumped.

The irrigation ditch in which she jumped was only approximately 10 inches in depth, but she submerged her entire body while attempting to submerge her 9-month-old son. Witnesses reported that the child was up to his his neck. Meanwhile, the woman’s 4-year-old daughter stood on the bank of the canal, crying for her mother and little brother. It’s fortunate that two witnesses responded in time to retrieve the woman and her infant before the incident could escalate.

According to the Idaho woman, she had injected bath salts mixed with Dilaudid the night before the strange incident that caused her to wander from her home with her kids. She said that she was “following the light,” and was guided by the voice of “God.” According to Dilworth, “God” told her to baptize her baby because her children were possessed by demons, or Satan.

This is not the first time bath salts have gotten parents into trouble. PBS News Hour reported in 2012 that the illicit substance was responsible for an increase in child neglect cases in the state of Maine. That same year, an Indiana woman made headlines for being under the influence of the then-new drug while caring for her three children. A year prior to this incident, a Tennessee woman reportedly left her children alone in a hospital parking lot while seeking treatment with her boyfriend for imaginary snake bites. Both she and her boyfriend were high on bath salts at the time. In another bizarre case, not involving children, a Maine man high on the drug went on a rampage this year, even going as far to claim that he murdered his own mother — which turned out to be untrue.


[Photo: Nampa Police mugshot / Regina Dilworth]