Hillary Clinton’s Southern Accent Makes Reappearance On Campaign Trail [Video]

Hillary Clinton uses fake southern accent in campaign appearance

Hillary Clinton’s southern accent reappeared this week during a campaign visit to South Carolina.

The presumptive nominee for the 2016 Democrat presidential ticket, Clinton grew up in suburban Chicago, received her undergraduate degree from a Massachusetts college, attended Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut, where she met her future husband, Bill Clinton, and only moved to Arkansas around the time they married. She also served as U.S. Senator from New York from January 2001 to January 2009, prior to becoming Secretary of State. She and Bill obviously lived in Washington, D.C., for eight years during the Clinton presidency.

“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in one long haul. Sometimes it is also a long drawl,” Vox noted about Hillary’s accent on the campaign trail, in a reference to a prior visit to South Carolina.

Perhaps Clinton picked up a bit of an accent while living in Arkansas, but that would not explain her ability to turn it on and off at will before different audiences in separate locations, the Inquisitr previously suggested.

In a friendly public sit-down with the chair of the South Carolina Democratic party this week, however, Clinton’s southern accent was again very much in evidence. See video below. “During the interview, as in many of her speeches to people who live in the South, she put on a Southern accent that is absent from her speeches to Northerners,” the Weekly Standard noted.

“Sounding like a cross between Paula Deen and Foghorn Leghorn, Clinton answered [Jaime] Harrison’s softball questions with all the Southern charm one would expect of a former New York senator,” BizPacReview quipped.

In a 1980s-vintage tape from the archives of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Hillary Clinton can be heard speaking with a thick southern accent while discussing her successful efforts as a lawyer in getting a reduced jail sentence on a lesser charge for a man accused of rape in 1975.

Separately, late last month, Hillary Clinton released eight years of tax returns, which showed that she and her husband made about $140 million in income and paid about $44 million in federal taxes. They contributed about 11 percent to charity, but reportedly half of that went into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation.

As well publicized, Hillary Clinton plans to make income inequality one of the cornerstones of her presidential campaign. According to a Washington Free Beacon analysis of May and June payroll records, however, the campaign “has consistently paid its female staffers less than it has paid males,” with women making approximately 88 cents on the dollar as compared to men.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Clinton Foundation supposedly pays female employees 63 cents for every dollar that male employees make, based on 2013 IRS tax documents. According to some additional number-crunching performed by the Washington Free Beacon, Hillary Clinton allegedly paid female staffers in her U.S. Senate office 28 percent less than men during her time in office.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s southern accent is merely a harmless way to create rapport with an audience?

[Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images News]