Blackhawks’ Forward Patrick Kane Being Investigated For Rape — Officials Are Tight-Lipped

Patrick Kane facing police investigation

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane is in a spot of trouble, but the lips of investigators’ are sealed up tight. However, some digging by local reporters has suggested the probe could center on a rape accusation.

Prior to this specific revelation, one source suggested that Kane was somehow implicated, vaguely, in an incident with a woman. Unofficially, the incident may have occurred at a bar in Evans, New York, the Chicago Sun-Times added. Kane is from South Buffalo.

All that is officially known thus far is that police are investigating an incident involving Patrick, the Buffalo News reported.

And on Thursday, Buffalo News reporter Tim Graham tweeted that Patrick may have been accused of rape, NBC News added. No other information was reported.

Kane lives in a suburb of the city called Hamburg, and police there have headed up the investigation.

Since news of the investigation leaked, law enforcement officials released the same exact statement. They “neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of a criminal investigation until such a time as a person is charged with a crime.”

And Buffalo News reporters tried very hard to uncover the dirt. They attempted to access the weekend’s police blotter, but were shut out. They then submitted two Freedom of Information Act requests with the police, seeking documents from a specific time period, as well as complaints or reports involving Patrick Kane.

These FOIA requests won’t be filled immediately, however. The paper expects to wait 20 days for their filing to be accepted or rejected, forget about details being released.

Reporters also headed out to Kane’s home, but a man turned them away. Patrick’s lawyer also kept his mouth shut when asked for a comment.

So far, no charges have been filed, and no one even knows for sure that Kane has been questioned.

The Blackhawks forward has been in trouble plenty of times before, the Times pointed out, and for each indiscretion, Kane, 26, excused his behavior as a product of immaturity.

Among these youthful mistakes: In 2009, he was arrested after he got into a spat with a cab driver. In 2010, he had has picture taken while shirtless in a limo. In 2012, some photos of him partying during Cinco de Mayo circulated the Internet.

“You feel you’re kind of invincible. But all that stuff was my fault. It’s been humbling to go through those things. I’m a different person now and I’ve changed a lot. I’m moving on,” Patrick said a couple years ago.

For three years, he’s been in a relationship with Amanda Grahovec. Patrick will begin the first season of an eight-year, $84 million contract this year, CBS Sports added.

[Photo Courtesy Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images]