NYPD Issues Warning About ‘Weaponized Marijuana’ With Shock Videos, But There Is One Problem

The NYPD is attempting to crack down on the use of the synthetic marijuana, “K2.” To hit home the problems associated with the “weaponized marijuana,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton played shock videos during his Tuesday press conference that showed two naked men, high on drugs, screaming and displaying “superhuman strength.” Bratton expressed the “urgent” need of control of the K2 substance, as “these individuals” (referring to those in the video) are “totally crazy.” However, there is one major problem with the NYPD’s press conference videos. It was uncovered that the videos used during the Bratton conference were actually segments from the popular reality show COPS, which featured individuals high on PCP, not K2.

The Daily Mail reports that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton held a press conference on Tuesday night, in which he expressed growing concern over a synthetic marijuana product being sold in the community called K2. The police commissioner used a shocking video to showcase how “some” K2 users may respond to police presence.

One of the videos shown in the lineup was the video above. After the videos played, Bratton noted that the individuals in the videos were “totally crazy” and that K2 users are often hard to arrest due to their “superhuman strength,” and fact that they are often naked.

“These individuals, many of them under the influence of this drug, are totally crazy.”


Therefore, many people assumed that the individuals in the video played during Bratton’s anti-“weaponized” marijuana speech were actually users of drug. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The clip above is actually from an episode of COPS which aired in 2003 that features individuals high on PCP. K2 is a blend of herbs and chemicals that is meant to intensify the effects of marijuana. However, PCP is a completely chemical drug known for creating intense psychotic reactions.

So, why did the NYPD show a video of PCP users when discussing K2? A spokesperson for the department told the Gothamist that Bratton “never, ever” said that the users in the video were on K2, but were being used to “depict the type of behavior sometimes associated with ‘excited delirium syndrome.’ ” However, when asked if K2 is tied in some way with “excited delirium syndrome,” the response was, “I am not a doctor.” Therefore, it remains unclear why the NYPD chose to use a video of people on a PCP high to express their concerns over the increased use of synthetic marijuana.

[Image Credit: YouTube]