Christine Ouzounian Affair: Ben Affleck Pays $1,500 Per Night For Ouzounian’s Hotel And Silence — Rumors Of Christine Being Pregnant Not True

Ben Affleck

Christine Ouzounian is one name that won’t likely fade from the press soon. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ben Affleck appeared in photos with Christine outside of his home, with Ouzounian appearing to give Affleck a bottle of champagne.

Now Christine appears in photos via In Touch, with Ouzounian in a bikini poolside at the $1,000 per night Hotel Bel Air, reports Yahoo. The Daily Mail says it ranges up to $1,500 per night. It’s not just Christine enjoying the luxury of the place, but Ouzounian’s friends, as well.

“Christine is living the high life holed up in a swanky suite and Ben is paying for all of it — even for [Ouzounian’s] girlfriends, who have been staying with [Christine]. Ben has given [Ouzounian] enough money to cover all [Christine’s] bills and expenses, plus spending money, for at least the next three months. [Ouzounian] doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Ben’s leading [Christine] on so that [Ouzounian] stays quiet. He knows he needs to keep [Christine] happy or the whole thing could turn ugly really fast. [Ouzounian] doesn’t feel burned by Ben — not yet, anyway.”

Outlandishly, claims of Christine suing Jennifer Garner for wrongful termination have also made the press, along with rumors that Ouzounian is pregnant. According to E!, Christine is not pregnant, claims a source that knows of the Ouzounian-Affleck situation. Despite all the reports about Christine, Ben’s reps are still claiming no affair with Ouzounian existed. Garner was “livid” about the Christine-Ben affair, sources tell E!, and learned more about Ouzounian and Affleck’s interaction during a Bahamas trip.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Christine seems to be living the high life, with Ouzounian’s rumored affair causing Jennifer to be disgusted with Ben. The Christine connection has caused Garner to want nothing to do with Affleck after his alleged adultery with Ouzounian came to light.

While Christine is holed up in Bel Air, Ouzounian is miles away from Affleck, who himself is hiding at a private Georgia estate, reports People. Christine likely didn’t attend the party Ben recently threw there. Ouzounian holds plenty of cards because of what she knows about the Gone Girl star. If Christine decided to write a tell-all about any infidelity with Affleck, Ouzounian would likely have a best-seller.

Any romance between Christine and Ben was the ultimate betrayal in Jennifer’s eyes. Ouzounian, meanwhile, is being cast as the clichéd nanny at the center of an affair scandal. For 42-year-old Ben to cheat with Christine and then pay Ouzounian’s bills to keep her quiet is par for the course.

Christine apparently can’t get enough of Batman, because sources say Ouzounian is in constant contact with Affleck.

“Christine has been calling and texting Ben nonstop.”

[Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images]