Robert Griffin III Named Redskins Starting Quarterback for 2012

The Washington Redskins, after shelling out millions in talent and draft picks to get their hands on Robert Griffin III have made it official. Coach Mike Shanahan has named Griffin their starting quarterback for the 2012 season. If the Heisman Trophy winner plays his cards right it is a position he will probably not turn over for another ten years.

Shanahan told reporters after watching Griffin practice,

“He was great. You can see what an incredible athlete he is. The reason we gave up what we (did to get him) is he can do some things that I believe no one has done. His ability to get on the perimeter and change defenses will be unique.”

There were more than 60 members of the press there to watch Griffin work out at the Redskins rookie minicamp, and according to them no one was disappointed watching him play.

Griffin told the Gaggle after his workout,

“I felt good.We’ve been doing combines and beauty pageants on Pro Days. So it felt good to get out here and ready to get a chance to do things you study on paper and go out and perform. It was a lot of fun.”

And Griffin was the same as he’s always appeared to be on the field. He tapped teammates’ helmets or swatted their backs after good plays. All that were missing were colorful socks, but he said those are gone for now.

Griffin said he is still trying to get comfortable with the playbook and with the team’s style. Others were not so convinced.

Third-round pick Josh LeRibeus said,

“He already knew the damn playbook. That very first day he was throwing them, it looked like he was hitting all the receivers. Even if he didn’t know all the plays he pulled it off great.”

Shanahan said Griffin had no “busts” on plays or formations Friday,

“I don’t think I’ve ever had that in any (rookie) minicamps I’ve been involved with,” Shanahan said. “He’s ahead. Very few people can take as much verbiage. Robert was able to pick it up very quickly and it showed on the field.”

Griffin says he knows what is expected of him in his new home and will work hard to live up to the hype.

Griffin said,

“It’ll be different once we get back next week with everybody here. You go from being top dog at your college to bottom of the barrel at the pros, even if you are supposed to be the starting quarterback. I can’t come in flamboyant. Come in, earn the guys respect. The veterans know they brought certain guys in to do certain things, so they expect you to come out and do your job. … Some vets might welcome you right in, some others might not. They might be guarded. It’s my job to make them unguarded.”