Will Meredith Grey Find Love On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

As far as the 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy goes, we all know that it’s all about rebirth. Although every show with stamina relies on rebirth, Grey’s Anatomy will have to have it in spades as fans lost Derek Shepherd, an integral character, last year. Not only was he important to the show as a whole, but he was the center of Meredith Grey’s universe.

Aside from being the namesake of the show, Meredith’s journey, which has been the main focus on the last two years, has the ability to sink Grey’s Anatomy. While we don’t know if many fans will return after the loss of McDreamy, Meredith’s story does have a lot of directions it can go in now that she’s without her husband.

As actress Ellen Pompeo stated at the TCAs yesterday, for the first time in twelve years, Meredith Grey is single and unattached. What does this mean for Meredith’s journey? We don’t exactly know yet, but we do know that she will be living in a house with a bunch of single ladies (specifically Arizona, and her half sister, Maggie.)

Another question that comes to mind, especially with the casting of Martin Henderson, is if Meredith will stay single? When series creator Shonda Rhimes was asked whether or not the new doctor was brought on board for a potential love interest, Rhimes didn’t seem so sure.

“I’m not going to say we’re definitely not doing it because I could be wrong, but that’s not my plan right now. I can’t just drop a new guy in and be like, ‘There he is!’ I keep seeing all these things that we’re replacing McDreamy… and Patrick’s irreplaceable. That’s not really the point. Meredith’s on a journey, she’s always been a journey and I’m taking her where the journey leads her, so we’ll see what that feels like.”

Rhimes continued, “I thought to myself, if I could figure out what to do without Cristina and Meredith together, then I would be okay. And so the beginning of last season was the most challenging for me. Once I knew that we could do that, we could do anything.”

As for the fans passionate response to the death of McDreamy, despite receiving death threats, Rhimes is clueless to the reaction.

“I don’t know what they felt. I actually don’t know what the fan response was, because I knew enough to know that I was going to write Derek’s death and I was not going to go online for a while. I know enough to know that it was a big deal because I got personal emails from people I know who were angry and I saw an article in Time Magazine about how to cope with a fictional character’s death.”

Do you think Meredith Grey should move on?

[Image via ABC]