Aniston-Theroux Wedding: Did Jennifer Aniston Marry Justin Theroux In Secret Wedding At Their Bel-Air Home?

A Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedding might have been what the big deal was in the couple’s Bel-Air neighborhood Wednesday night. Aniston told friends she was having a birthday bash for Theroux’s 44th birthday, but TMZ reports that there was more to it than that!

A lot of clues led to speculations that Aniston and Theroux were secretly married during the party. For starters, there was a cake delivered with two muppet-like characters on the top. It didn’t appear to be a birthday-themed design at all.

Guests at the rumored Aniston-Theroux wedding included Chelsea Handler, Lisa Kudrow, and Howard Stern. One guest who really gave it away was a man of the cloth who showed up. The pastor was seen walking into their home with a bible.

Unless Aniston and Theroux wanted to play a joke on the paparazzi, the party had all of the signs of a wedding.

During the past week, a huge shed was built in the couple’s backyard to cover furniture and party supplies. Additional coverage was placed over the pool to create more walking space for guests.

Celebrities are known for either having an extravagant, all-out wedding or having a private get-together among close friends and family. Did Aniston and Theroux opt for a secret wedding? So far, no other details have been offered, but fans are anxiously waiting to hear what the Bel-Air party was all about.

Life & Style reported that that Aniston secretly married Theroux in June, and they were adopting a baby girl, but Gossip Cop squashed those rumors by saying that a rep reached out to them and confirmed it wasn’t true.


L&S wrote that the couple were signing adoption papers, and they were advised by Sandra Bullock, who adopted a son in 2010, every step of the way. A rep for Aniston informed Gossip Cop that the magazine’s story was “all made-up crap.” The magazine also wrote earlier this year that Aniston was three months pregnant, which obviously wasn’t true.

It will be interesting to see if Jennifer’s rep makes an announcement confirming or denying that Aniston and Theroux were married on August 5. After all the crazy rumors about Jennifer Aniston’s life and behavior, is this story actually true?

Do you believe Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were secretly married in their home on August 5, 2015?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]