Bright UFO Flying Above Earth Captured On NASA’s Live Video From The International Space Station [Video]


UFO hunter Streetcap1 reports sighting a bright UFO in the vicinity of the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting Earth. The UFO was captured on August 3, 2015, on NASA’s live video by cameras mounted outside the ISS.

The camera captured the UFO flying past in the distance when it panned around for a few minutes, scanning its outer space surrounding briefly, according to Streetcap1.

“During a period when the camera is moving for around two minutes, NASA captures a distant pink and gold object … we need them to maybe start pointing the ISS cameras outward and stop treating people like children.”

Going by the frequency of reports of UFO sightings around the ISS by online UFOlogists monitoring NASA’s live video transmission from the ISS, we could surmise that the area of space around the ISS is literally swarming with alien UFOs. The cause of the attraction of aliens and their spacecrafts to the vicinity of the ISS in low Earth orbit is a subject of debate among UFO enthusiasts. But many in the UFO community believe that the countries –- the U.S., Russia, and European countries –- managing the ISS as a joint project are using the facility as venue for meetings between human and alien astronauts.

Others claim that the frequent sightings are due to aliens or extraterrestrials monitoring activities in and around the ISS.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring comments on the “casual” manner in which the camera “glances at the UFO and then continues on its way as if nothing happened.”

Waring is one of the online UFOlogists who believe firmly that NASA is withholding information about UFOs and contact with aliens.

“I love how the camera casually pans around to the right, glancing at the UFO and then continues on its way as if nothing happened. They are in deep space with only a view of the stars and Earth to look at. How could they see this? They did, they just didn’t want the public to see it.”

While skeptics label claims that governments are concluding secret military and technological alliances with alien races as “crazy,” conspiracy theorists are bolstered in their conviction by alleged disclosures from individuals claiming to be former NASA employees with privileged access to information about secret activities of NASA and related agencies.

The Inquisitr reported the case of Clark C. Mclelland recently, who claimed that while monitoring a space mission as a NASA science officer at the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Control Center in the 1980s, he saw on a video monitor a 9-ft tall alien interacting with two U.S. astronauts in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay.


He claimed that he also saw an alien spacecraft near the Space Shuttle.

Such disclosures have promoted the growth of the online movement dedicated to searching for space anomalies as evidence of alien presence and activity in space.

“Whistleblowers” such as McClelland claim that NASA is hiding information about its contact with alien species for strategic reasons. But why the U.S. government is seeking to maintain secrecy about contact with alien species would install cameras for live video transmission of goings-on in and around the ISS is difficult to explain.

However, some UFO enthusiasts argue that NASA’s live stream project is part of preparation for inevitable disclosure.

“Could this be part of our secret space program, trying to do a disclosure, and making it look accidental, as there’s no way they can simply be filmed in good quality without huge repercussions? Just a thought.”

UFO hunters have reported alien UFOs around the ISS, including UFOs allegedly docked with the ISS. They have uploaded to YouTube videos which they claim give evidence of interaction between human astronauts and extraterrestrial species.

For instance, in January, 2014, alien hunters uploaded footage from the ISS live feed which allegedly shows a UFO docked with the ISS.

And NASA’s policy of refusing to comment on claims of sightings of aliens and UFOs in space has only helped to fuel the growth of the online alien and UFO conspiracy theory movement.

[Images: NASA; YouTube / Streetcap1; UFO Sightings Daily]