NeNe Leakes ‘Was Over It’ And ‘Grew Away From The Show’ Says Andy Cohen

NeNe Leakes announced earlier this year that she was leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta after many seasons of being the only original housewife in Atlanta. NeNe wanted to focus on other project and career ventures, so she wanted to leave the drama behind. Leakes announced her departure around the time that Bravo was signing new contracts for the upcoming season.

And while NeNe Leakes announced her departure before the ladies were signing on for another season, Andy Cohen had a feeling that Leakes wouldn’t continue with the show. NeNe has threatened to leave the show several times, but she never took action. But now, she is out and it comes to no surprise to Cohen.

According to a new Bravo report, NeNe Leakes won’t be returning to the show, but Andy Cohen is already working on the next season. Fans are waiting for the show to be announced, but it won’t be revealed until Bravo is ready to start airing the show.

“It’ll probably be announced like six weeks before the show premieres, which is when we usually announce it. And no info,” he said when asked about the new potential housewives for the upcoming season.

Since Cohen knows many of the housewives personally these days, he may have known that NeNe Leakes was ready to leave the show. Even though Leakes announced that she was leaving the show, Cohen had a feeling that she was ready to leave the drama behind.

“I mean, frankly, it wasn’t much of a surprise,” Andy revealed in a talk with his assistant, adding, “We all kind of assumed that she wasn’t coming back. She had kind of moved on with her life. She wasn’t really hanging out with many of the women. And she was kind of over it, so think it just natural evolution had her growing away from the show. I hope that she’ll come back and visit.”

When Leakes left the show behind, she had plenty of ventures lined up. But according to the Inquisitr, her newest show Road To Riches with Kim Zolciak has been cancelled. NeNe is working on her clothing line and she could have other projects in the works that haven’t been announced yet. But NeNe recently made headlines over a bikini photo, where she admitted that she hadn’t been living the healthiest life, including skipping out on breakfast.

What do you think NeNe Leakes will do now that she won’t be filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

[Image via Bravo]