Texas Man Impregnated His Own Daughter

A Texas man has been sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of molesting children, including his own. Opposing Views reports that the level of Danny Richard Minor’s sexual depravity extended to his own daughter, and that’s not even the worst detail in this horrific story of child sex abuse.

Minor has been on police radar for child molestation since as early as 2002, but reported “conflicting statements” made by the victims caused investigations against the man to stop. However, his abuse of children continued through 2009 and beyond. It wasn’t until last year that charges were finally brought against the Texas man. That was because a victim’s story in June, 2014, meshed with the statements given to police in 2009.

During an investigation, it was found that Minor had not only molested a handful of children, at least two of them were his own family members. Worse yet, one of those victims was his own daughter. The worst was yet to come, however. A paternity test was performed on the daughter’s child, and the results proved that Danny Richard Minor was the father. The Texas man had impregnated his own child during the course of years of sexual abuse.

Minor was convicted of multiple counts of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Young Child and multiple accounts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. This brings an end to his legacy of abuse, but his conviction is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of convicted sexual predators and proven child molesters in the United States. As of 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that 9.2 percent of child abuse victims are also victims of sexual assault. Studies have also shown that 20 percent of adult females in the U.S., and only around 10 percent of males, report being sexually abused as children. To put that into perspective, there are approximately 318 million people in the United States. That means an estimated 63 million women, and about 31 million men, have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Mainstream media reports on horrific incidents of child abuse on a seemingly daily basis. Even celebrities are’t immune to public scrutiny and police intervention regarding these types of cases. One of the most recent cases in the media of a celebrity accused of child molestation hit the Duggar family, and put their reality show on the rocks. Prior to that, Seventh Heaven star Stephen Collins admitted to having inappropriate sexual contact with children in the past. Even Subway’s former spokesman, Jared Fogle, was recently accused of having child pornography, which only serves to exploit child sex abuse victims.


[Photo: Denton County Sheriff mugshot]