Jennifer Garner Disgusted: Actress Kicked Out Ben Affleck After Learning Of His Alleged Mistress, Who May Now Be Pregnant

Jennifer Garner was reportedly disgusted to learn about husband Ben Affleck’s affair with family nanny Christine Ouzounian, but it appears that Ben has kept contact with his alleged mistress and may have even gotten her pregnant.

In the weeks since Affleck and Garner announced their divorce, there have been a number of twists and turns to their story. There had long been rumors that Affleck was having an affair, but this week, for the first time, there was a name to go with the rumors. Reports indicated that for the past few months, Affleck had been carrying on an affair with Ouzounian, which was the major contributor to his split with Garner.

This week, a source close to the couple told People that Jen discovered the affair during a family vacation to the Bahamas in June, a trip where the couple discussed turning around their shaky relationship and trying to rebuild.

But instead Jennifer Garner was disgusted to learn of Ben’s affair, effectively ending the relationship.

“There was always a speck of doubt in Jen’s mind about separating but that’s now gone,” says a friend. “She is very angry. To Jen, this is the ultimate betrayal.”

Despite Jen’s betrayal, it appears that Ben Affleck has remained in contact with Christine Ouzounian.

E! News reported as follows.

“Meanwhile, images of Ouzounian visiting Affleck at his L.A. home on July 17—less than three weeks after Ben and Jen announced their divorce—have surfaced. Earlier in the day, Ouzounian, whose employment with the family was terminated on July 1, was also seen running errands in the actor’s Lexus.”

And there may be more. A source told Radar Online that the nanny fell for Ben during the family vacation this spring, and then hatched a plan to get pregnant with him.

“By then, Christine was planning to get pregnant by Ben — and was trying to seduce him!” the pal said. “She wanted to be in the ‘family way’ real bad!”

It was during that trip that Jennifer Garner realized the affair and was disgusted, kicking out both her husband and his alleged mistress.

“Jen sent Christine packing and booted Ben from the trip, too!” the source said.

The source said it is “unclear” if Christine Ouzounian is pregnant, but a source close to Affleck has denied that she is knocked up.

“Not true,” the insider told E! News.

Despite reportedly being disgusted by the news, Jennifer Garner has not spoken publicly on rumors that Ben Affleck is cheating or that Christine Ouzounian is pregnant.

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