Awesome Dad Gets One Direction Tattoo To Win Concert Tickets For Daughters, Shocked By Missed Fine Print On Contest Rules

Jean Mendoza

A dedicated dad went all the way and got himself a One Direction tattoo to win tickets for his daughters. Roger Fraser, 37, said that he did so as he could not afford to purchase tickets for his daughters to see One Direction's July 31 Indianapolis show.

The tattoo idea came about when he heard that 99.5 WZPL in Indianapolis was holding a contest wherein dads had to prove that they were the biggest One Direction fan. The winner gets front-row seats to 1D's show.

According to the NY Daily News, Fraser's original ideas was to have a photograph of himself taken with all his daughters' One Direction stuff, including blankets, pillows, magazines, books, and a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles. However, he saw that another father had already done that.

Thinking that he could outdo all the fathers, Fraser went ahead and got a permanent tattoo on his upper arm that reads, "I ♥ 1D."

His 14-year-old daughter, Makayla, documented the tat session.


Fraser most likely would have won the One Direction contest, if only he was eligible to join. He was a victim of the fine print. Makayla explained how they discovered that her dad can't win the One Direction contest, as reported by ABC News.

"The day he got the tattoo that's when he said, 'I hope it's not one of those contests where you have to be a resident of the state.'"

"We live in Nashville," Fraser says.

Though Roger Fraser and his daughters were not able to win the concert tickets, they still made it to the One Direction concert in Indianapolis. Dad made the effort to drive all the way to the venue, and they were able to purchase last-minute tickets for the concert.

Fraser says that he won't be removing the One Direction tattoo from his arm.

"I'm keeping it forever. It's a good memory for me and my daughters. I did it for them. It's going to stay with me forever."
"After doing this, I realized to myself that we spend a whole lot of time together [doing things I like to do]. But I got involved with something that they love. And it's brought us together even closer than we ever were."

And if you haven't heard One Direction's new song "Drag Me Down," check out this Inquisitr link to hear it.

[Images via Roger Fraser/Twitter]