Chanel West Coast Arrested After Girl Fight — Police Brutality Claims Ticking People Off [Video]

Chanel West Coast arrested and claims police brutality

Reality star Chanel West Coast, known for her spots on MTV’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, allegedly got a bit belligerent at a Hollywood nightclub Tuesday night and was arrested for battery.

Now she’s claiming police brutality, though the private security guards who initially cuffed her under a citizen’s arrest have said that the diminutive rapper attacked them after she was removed from the 10AK nightclub, People reported.

A source told The New York Daily News that West Coast was booted from the club for “belligerent behavior,” and was “pushing other guests.” However, other sources suggested she got into a fight with another woman, E! Online added.

Two private security guards took matters into their own hands. They cuffed her and plopped her down on the sidewalk to await sheriff’s deputies. Before authorities arrived, Chanel is seen in the video arguing with the pair. One of them reminds her that she “kicked me and then you punched me. I tried to let you go home. Understand that. Too late now.”

She then proceeds to call one of them an “a*****e,” contends that she’s a “normal f*****g girl,” and at one point, may have attempted to bribe a guard. Later, she balks at her detention, denying that she attacked the men and pointing out that “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons.”

They don’t seem very impressed by West Coast’s reality stardom and she was arrested anyway. A source at the jail where Chanel was briefly detained before being released on bail said that though she appeared intoxicated, she was cooperative.

West Coast has denied any wrongdoing, both when she was arrested Tuesday night and afterward when she lambasted the police on social media for mistreatment. She posted a photo in which she displays bruises on her lower arms and complains about the security guards.

Chanel also took to Twitter to make a statement against police brutality in general.

“Police have gotten out of f*****g hand in this country!!! This s**tain’t a race issue it’s a cop issue!!!! Time to put an end to this!!!”

However, not everyone was sympathetic to the starlet’s plight, and didn’t quite buy her claims that the blame for the altercation lay firmly with the cops. They also didn’t take lightly to the apparent comparisons she made between her experience and those of people like Sandra Bland and Sam DuBose, the most recent victims of police brutality.

[Photo Courtesy Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]