Lenny Kravitz Laughs Off #Penisgate With Steven Tyler, Rockers’ Daughters Embarrassed

Millions of people have a fear of exposing themselves in public. But not everyone deals with it the way Lenny Kravitz has – like a boss.

The 51-year-old rocker had a major wardrobe malfunction during a sold-out concert in Stockholm on Monday night.

While rocking out energetically, the “Believe in Me” singer made audiences believe in him once more when his Rick Owens black leather trousers split at the crotch and exposed his penis to the world.

But like the pro that he is, Kravitz knew that the show ain’t over till it’s over, so he just casually went offstage and came back a few minutes later clad in a new pair of trousers, ones that are undoubtedly strong enough to hold all of him in.

Images of Kravitz and his exposed family jewels quickly went viral on Tuesday, as it answered two questions that have been on people’s minds for years – is he a boxers or briefs kinda guy and does he believe in the power of piercings.

A lesser kind of man would probably keep mum or hide under a rock for several years after an incident of this magnitude, but not Kravitz.

Showing that he’s made of much stronger stuff, Lenny Kravitz focused on the humorous side of things by sharing a screenshot of an epic response that could only come from a fellow rock god like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

In his tweet, the “American Woman” singer showed the message Tyler sent to him. “Dude… No underwear and pierced… F*** me.. You never showed me that s**t.” The Hunger Games actor then captioned it “#penisgate,” a word that would from this day forward will always conjure up images of Kravitz.

While the two iconic rockers are no doubt laughing it up, their daughters are probably not really finding the humor in the situation.

Chelsea Tyler, who’s one half of the band Kaneholler, texted her longtime friend Zoe Kravitz about the now infamous penisgate.

“So our dads talking about d**ks on social media is cool,” was Tyler’s Instagram message, followed by an emoji of the see-no-evil monkey.

zoe kravitz instagram

Mad Max: Fury Road actress Zoë Kravitz then responded with a surprised “What?!Oh no..Twitter?” followed this time by the speak-no-evil monkey emoji.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to the 26-year-old Zoe though. The young actress previously shared with British mag Metro how her dad’s wardrobe choices were a bit of an embarrassment to her while growing up.

“My dad came to pick me up from school once in a sports car wearing a mesh see-through shirt and leather pants,” Zoë shared, before describing how the other students immediately swarmed into the car park.

[Image via etonline.com/churchboutique.com edited by Val Powell]