Viral Video: Busker In Vancouver Berates Mother Of Child Who Almost Causes Him To Fall

Busker in Vancouver

A busker in Vancouver, Canada let rip at a mother when her child almost dislodged him from his precarious skateboard platform. Warning: The video does contain some strong language.

The busker in Vancouver was balancing precariously on a skateboard, perched on a piece of piping, on top of what looks like an extremely unsteady platform.

At the beginning of the video above, we hear him addressing his audience, saying he can’t believe they’re still watching.

Just as the Vancouver busker says that and starts moving around on his skateboard on top of the unsteady contraption, we see a child run out of the surrounding audience. The child then proceeds to shake the structure where the busker is balancing precariously. He then runs back to his mother on the right hand side.

This busker in Vancouver was not at all impressed by the actions of the child, which could have caused him serious injury if he had fallen. As soon as he regains his balance he shouts out to the mother, “F**k man be a parent, hey?”

He then yells at the child, saying: “Dude when I get down you’d better run.”

“You’re young, but you need to learn a lesson. That wasn’t cool, yeah?”

From the response from the surrounding audience, it is pretty clear they agree with the busker and they continue to cheer him on.

Before apologizing to the audience himself, he asks the boy: “Do you apologize?”

It is not possible to hear whether the child responded, but the busker in Vancouver then says loudly to the audience: “Some people should really use a condom.”

The crowd really enjoyed that comment and no doubt there were a couple of red faces in the audience.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Vancouver Motorcycles on August 3 and has already received almost 800,000 views at the time of writing.

Do you think the busker in Vancouver went too far, or was he right to chastise the child for an incident which could have caused him serious injury? Let us know below.

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[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]