Dr. Binh Chung: Wife Of Las Vegas Doctor’s Pornography Suspicions Confirmed In Unimaginable Way [Video]

Dr. Binh Chung Las Vegas Doctor

Dr. Binh Chung, Las Vegas family practitioner, was suspected by his wife of viewing pornography. When she investigated, she was horrified at what she found. It has led to the 41-year-old Chung’s arrest according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

When Binh Chung’s wife found videos that her husband had, she actually realized that it was her spouse with another woman. Upon closer examination, it was not a woman at all. In fact, it was an underage girl that Chung had sedated. On June 4, she along with the girl reported the assault to the police, and Chung was arrested.

Binh Chung had given her a shot in the arm. The girl said that she passed out, but she faded in and out of consciousness through the entire ordeal. The first time she woke up she reported that her pants were down, and her ankles were in stirrups. Then, she drifted back asleep. Finally, she woke up vomiting in the early morning hours the next day. Chung told the girl that she had a bad reaction to acne medication.

The incident had occurred in 2014. The police asked the girl why she had waited an entire year to report it. The girl claimed that her memory was only “jogged” when her mother started asking her questions. Her mother had been notified by Chung’s wife about the video.

When Las Vegas Police stormed Dr. Chung’s office, they seized his computers and snapped a picture of a bottle labeled “Katamine,” the popular date-rape drug. Police discovered 10 different videos containing child pornography. Naturally, Chung’s license was suspended once the arrest was made.

Initially, Dr. Binh Chung was charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of using or permitting the use of a child for the production of pornography. Bond was set at $550,000. This changed on August 5. According to News 3 Las Vegas, what was supposed to be a preliminary hearing for Chung ended up being postponed.

The court was notified via the Prosecution that another 11 victims had come forward claiming they had been assaulted by Chung. Due to the new allegations, another 17 charges have been added. Bail was increased to $1 million.

Defense Attorney Christopher Oram was naturally taken aback by the turn of events.

“His family is here he has two minor children here in the community I recognize that these are serious charges. I would ask for a bail set at a total of a $100,000 and house arrest.”

The motion was denied.

Dr. Binh Chung is a particularly troubling criminal. He was using trust and his position to prey upon young girls. What do you think his ultimate penalty should be?

[Photo by Las Vegas Review-Journal]