A New Challenge: The Dog Biscuit Challenge, And Buffalo Bills’ Rex Ryan Is Participating For Charity

Everyone was aware of or participated in last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, often with humorous results. Now, the Dog Biscuit Challenge is the so-called new kid in town, and it’s to raise money for charity. The Erie County SPCA issued the challenge to help raise money for shelter pets in need so that the shelter can continue its no-kill mission. The shelter’s Executive Director Barbara Carr made a statement, summarizing the challenge, according to Life With Dogs.

“We’re raising money for our Paws in the Park fundraiser, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year. And we thought this year we would challenge our friends to donate to the cause, eat a biscuit or both.”

Will it be the new craze to take over the animal-loving community? Time will tell. But they already have a famous participant. Rex Ryan, the Buffalo Bills’ Head Coach, agreed to take the challenge and is donating and eating a biscuit or two. Obviously, in addition to being an animal lover, he has a sense of humor and tweeted a message, according to Fox Sports.

“With a name Rex, I’ve eaten a lot of dog biscuits in my life.”

Ryan also said, “I believe I’ve been challenged to eat like a dog biscuit or something like that. With the name Rex, obviously I’ve eaten a lot of dog biscuits in my day, so this is no problem. I accept the challenge. I thought it was kind of funny when I got challenged by this person, and I’m like, ‘Alright, let’s do it. It’s on.’ Give me one of them small biscuits though. I had the lap band [surgery], can’t be the big ones, the large ones.”

The challenge is made to a few friends, usually via social media. Within 72 hours, those challenged either have to donate money to an animal-related cause or shelter, or record themselves eating a dog biscuit. Of course, they also have to upload the challenge for the world to see and tag other people to nominate to do the same. Those who donate aren’t required to eat the doggy treat, but many will do both. Anyone who wants to participate in the Erie County SPCA’s challenge can click the link here. And participants can tweet or share their videos on Facebook or YouTube using the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge.

There are many ways people help charities, including animal charities. There is even a program in which inmates help rehabilitate severely abused dogs and cats so that they can be rehomed, according to the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook]