Pierce Brosnan ‘Left Embarrassed And Angry’ At Burlington International Airport

Pierce Brosnan, most widely known as agent 007 in the James Bond films, was held by security personnel, when Mr. Brosnan attempted to carry a large knife onto a plane at Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

Mr. Brosnan had the hunting knife among his belongings in a carry on bag and as Pierce sent the bag through the screening process, the knife with a 10-inch blade alerted T.S.A. personnel. Brosnan is said to have been left embarrassed and angry by the incident, though there is no mention as to why Brosnan had the knife in his possession, nor has there been any official comment from Pierce or his publicist.

It seems odd that someone as knowledgeable and accomplished as Pierce Brosnan would attempt to violate security precautions so boldly, especially in the current climate of fear and paranoia that has taken over the American public. It would be interesting to find out why Pierce decided to pack the weapon in the first place instead of seeking out other methods of transporting the knife.

Perhaps Brosnan was still lost in the plot of his latest film, aptly titled No Escape.

“In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.”

The concept of trying to escape and defend himself might have gone to Brosnan’s head. It is a compelling theme and Pierce could hardly be blamed for getting flustered at the sight of so many uniforms.

The incident did little to inconvenience Mr. Brosnan, however. When T.S.A. officers were alerted to the weapon among Pierce’s belongings, they requested that Brosnan either allow the knife to be confiscated or pack the knife with his checked luggage. Pierce chose to repack the knife, where it would be out of harm’s way and was permitted to board the flight with no further trouble.

Thankfully, Pierce wasn’t carrying breast milk or he might have suffered the larger hassles reported by Alyssa Milano.

Since his departure from the James Bond films, Mr. Brosnan has kept busy performing in a string of films. Following No Escape, Brosnan will be working on Urge, a thriller from director Aaron Kaufman, and The Moon and the Sun, a fantasy adventure to be directed by Sean McNamara.

No Escape, which stars Lake Bell and Owen Wilson alongside Pierce Brosnan, will see an August 26 theatrical release.

[Featured image: Pierce Brosnan courtesy of Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Giorgio Armani]