Helly Luv May Lose ‘Seinfeld War,’ Female ISIS Victim Is Next Focus

Helly Luv had a strong message for President Barack Obama for fighting ISIS at the end of July, but it appears that, a week later, Helly Luv’s idea has fallen flat — and some are saying the whole situation is a “Seinfeld War.” Nevertheless, Helly Luv’s most enduring message may be for female ISIS victims that have not been able to access support they need in their own communities.

Helly Luv is an Iranian-born Kurdish singer that has lived in Finland and Los Angeles. Although Helly Luv has been singing for years, in mid-2015 she has gained notoriety because she asked President Obama to support her people that are fighting ISIS.

Called the Kurdish Peshmerga, Helly Luv brought her message to the world about these ISIS fighters with a video filmed live in the war zone near Iraq.

But is Helly Luv up against apathy associated with a so-called “Seinfeld War”?

Like singer MIA or anti-Unilever Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf, Helly Luv is singing about political issues close to her own family. However, it is important when describing Helly Luv that key differences are pointed out.

Despite the fact that many pop singers are getting their fans to join political causes, projects like One Direction’s #Action1D are different from what Helly Luv does because they are not on the front lines of an actual military conflict in progress.

In a July 27 interview with FOX News, Helly Luv discusses filming her video “Revolution” in the place where the conflict between the Kurds and ISIS was actually occurring in real life. The video “Revolution” actually shows Helly Luv taking cover after an audible explosion took place slightly off-camera.

What is the point of all of this danger for Helly Luv? As a member of the Kurdish people, Helly Luv is quick to point out that identity is a major reason for her insistence that President Obama continue to “support the Peshmerga” (aka a group of Kurds directly fighting against ISIS currently).

Unfortunately, many Americans seem to be unable to understand what exactly the game plan is for the military situation America is involved with in the Middle East — and the blame for that confusion is placed on Obama.

The New York Post published an article on August 5 calling it the “Seinfeld War” and stated the following:

“‘A little less conversation, a little more action, please.’ When it comes to the Mideast, Elvis’ famous lyrics had it right. Yet President Obama opts for the Seinfeld approach instead: His is a strategy about nothing.”

While this writer makes the comparison to Jerry Seinfeld’s self-named show (which was sold to networks initially as a “show about nothing“) it is likely the writer is doing this because they feel that Obama is simply playing lip-service to a serious military situation — and Helly Luv would likely agree with that.

So far, President Obama has supported Helly Luv’s goal of militarizing the Peshmerga against ISIS — but maybe not in the most direct way. Does this mean Helly Luv’s message failed?

Sadly, the idea that this is a “Seinfeld War” may be becoming a reality. There have been many articles written by well-educated political writers over the first week of August that question President Obama’s tactics with ISIS.

In particular, these political writers say using Turkey will not help the Peshmerga Kurds fighting ISIS (and may not actually help fight ISIS at all).

Al Arabiya writes on August 3, “President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both taking a big gamble as they agree to work together against the ISIS group militants in Syria. Their goals, while overlapping in some ways, are far different in others, mainly on the question of how to handle Kurdish militants battling ISIS fighters in Syria. And that’s the problem.”

The Independent writes on August 1, “The deal between the US and Turkey which will allow American bombers to use Incirlik airbase while Turkey takes action against Islamic State (Isis) looks stranger and stranger. When first announced over a week ago, US officials spoke triumphantly of the agreement being ‘a game-changer’ in the war against ISIS. In fact, the war waged by Turkey in the days since this great American diplomatic success has been almost entirely against the Kurds, at home and abroad.”

Although Helly Luv’s plan to win over Obama to help the Peshmerga fight ISIS directly may still be up in the air, Helly Luv will continue to fight for Kurds suffering at the hands of ISIS.

Feminists and women’s advocates take note because Helly Luv ended her FOX News interview by stating that her next project will be centered on getting justice for women and girls that were victimized by ISIS.

Could this be Helly Luv joining up with an organization like WADI or making another video?

Naturally, no matter which avenue she chooses, Helly Luv has a good reason to be concerned about the female victims of ISIS because “sometimes communities retaliate against female survivors.”

About the brutality that ISIS female survivors endure, on August 4, the Augusta Free Press reported the following.

“Testifying before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs about The Islamic State’s War on Women and Girls, [Ariel] Ahram said: ‘I use the word ‘catastrophic’ deliberately in order to stress to you the magnitude of the crisis today engulfing Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has systematically abducted, enslaved, and sexually terrorized thousands — and likely tens of thousands — of women and girls.'”

[Feature image via Safid Hamed/Getty Images]