Research Shows That America Is Pretty Sick Of Racism

A new survey taken by Pew Research shows that the majority of Americans believe that more should be done to combat racism in the United States. Pew reportedly surveyed over 2,000 blacks and whites ages 18 and above to come to the shocking conclusion that America is sick of racism. The report also found that most Americans also call for more racial equality.

Though there is a small number of surveyed individuals who feel that blacks already have equal opportunity in America (32 percent), almost 60 percent believe that the country has a long way to go. Surprisingly, these numbers have risen since last year’s survey. In 2014, only 39 percent of whites felt that there was a big problem with inequality, but this year, it is 53 percent. When the opinions of surveyed blacks are incorporated into the data, the overall numbers greatly increase.


The report mentioned the huge difference between surveyed individuals in 2009 and now. According to that data, the number of people who feel that America has a big problem with racism has escalated. Specifically, 94 percent of those surveyed (black and white) feel that racism is out of hand. The research also included figures for people belonging to both main political parties. Time magazine reports 40 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats also feel that there’s a big problem with racism in America.

Based on the research conducted by Pew, it was discovered that the racism and inequality that is noticed across the board are echoes of systematic racism in the country. To prove this, the report shows results of reactions to the Confederate flag by Americans of different races. It compared the reaction to a trending even; the state of South Carolina deciding to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the statehouse. Here is what they found:



Despite the varied responses to the question of whether equality exists in the United States and whether the country is ill with systematic racism, the report proves that there are obvious and significant divides in the country. In fact, based on a data chart, there are many opportunities in the country that blacks and other minorities don’t have or have limited access to.


Pew’s report was the end result of a survey which consisted of phone interviews of Americans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The question remaining is what is the cause of the increase in individuals who consider racism and inequality an issue? Other surveys conducted by Pew Research on court verdicts that caused divides may be the start to finding answers.

[Image via Modivive]