Bristol Palin Shows Off Her Bump In Instagram Selfie

bristol palin bump

Bristol Palin is ready to show off her bump, and took to Instagram to share a five-month pregnancy update.

The daughter of Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, has finally reached the halfway mark in her pregnancy, and what better way to share the news but with a sweet selfie.

In the photo, Bristol can be seen wearing skinny jeans with the knees cut out, along with a flowing black top that she pulls up at one point to better show off her growing baby bump.

According to Radar Online, the 24-year-old announced that she was expecting her second child last month, also revealing that this pregnancy, controversial because it is her second out of wedlock, was planned with her former fiancé Dakota Meyer, a former U.S. Marine, whom she was planning on marrying on May 23. The wedding was abruptly called off following their two-month engagement, with no explanation as to why. Bristol also has another son, Tripp, six, with her other ex-fiancé Levi Johnston.

“So here are the things you should all get straight before you continue to mock me, judge me, and talk about me,” Palin wrote in a post at the time. “I made a mistake, but it’s not the mistake all these giddy a**holes have loved to assume. This pregnancy was actually planned.”

“Everyone knows I wanted more kids. Things didn’t go as planned, but life keeps going. Life moves on,” she explained. “But I do not regret this baby. This baby is not a disappointment, and I cannot wait to be a mom times two. Tripp [her first child] is going to make the best big brother!!”

Last month, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant shared her first picture of her baby bump on Instagram. She can be seen in the photo standing in the dermatology office where she works as a medical assistant, wearing black pants, a white top, and a blue jacket. She poses with her lips pursed and is holding the cell phone, which features a picture of her son Tripp on the back, up to snap the selfie.

While Bristol has yet to reveal the father of her baby, everyone is assuming it is Meyer.

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[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]