Suspected Serial Killer Tamara Samsonova ‘Ate’ Parts Of Her 11 Victims, ‘Granny Ripper’ Kept Detailed Diary On Murders

Tamara Samsonova, the 68-year-old serial killer who has been accused of murdering 11 victims, allegedly not only dismembered and beheaded each of the people she killed, but it’s now been reported that she was also a cannibal who actually ate parts of their bodies.

Samsonova is suspected to have committed each of these murders over a 20-year period in St. Petersburg. According to the Daily Mail, Samsonova wrote about the murders and victims in a series of diaries. In fact, it’s even been reported that she wrote about them in English, Russian, and German, while she also had black magic and astrological books.

Samsonova’s reign of terror came to an end last week. The “Granny Ripper” was reportedly caught on CCTV cameras close to her abode in the Russian city removing the corpse of her most recent victim, which she’d placed inside a black plastic bag. The body was found close to the Dimitrova Street pond in St. Petersburg.

The name of this woman was Valentina Ulanova, a 79-year-old who Samsonova cared for. Ulanova is thought to have overdosed on sleeping pills that Samsonova allegedly fed to her. Ulanova was then hacked to death with a hacksaw by Samsonova while she was still alive.

Speaking to police, Samsonova reportedly admitted that she’d killed Ulanova over an argument about dirty cups that needed to be washed. Mikhail Timoshatov, a senior investigator in St. Petersburg, explained, “Tamara Samsonova says that at first she made her friend sleep – and then cut her into pieces.”

Detectives are now under the assumption that Samsonova, who worked as a hotel worker, ate some of the body parts that she had chopped off her victims. Samsonova reportedly removed the arms, legs, and even heads of the people that she killed.

Meanwhile, one of the most gruesome allegations that has been shot towards Samsonova is that she enjoyed eating the lungs of her victims too, as internal organs were specifically removed from the bodies.

The Daily Mail even wrote that she “had a penchant for gauging out and eating lungs.” A police source stated when asked if she was a cannibal, “It is not excluded.”

Police are now examining and analyzing Samsonova’s diary entries, and comparing them to a spate of unsolved murder cases in the city that bare a striking resemblance to how the “Granny Ripper” allegedly killed her victims. This diary includes several mentions of murders, including the death of one of her lodgers. However, Russian police are refusing to release further details of the journal until the investigation is finished.

[Image via Osul]