Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumor: Actress Slams Report That She’s Adopting After Secretly Marrying Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumor: Actress Slams Report That She's Adopting After Secretly Marrying Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is fighting back against rumors that she is adopting a baby girl after being secretly married to longtime boyfriend, Justin Theroux.

The report comes from Life & Style, which claims that Aniston is “adopting a baby girl” after her hush-hush wedding to Theroux in June.

“Jen and Justin signed papers after going through a series of interviews,” a source told the publication.

The source claimed that Jennifer was inspired by Sandra Bullock, who herself has adopted children and reportedly guided Aniston through the process.

But Aniston’s reps are putting the brakes on the adoption story, telling Gossip Cop that she is not married and not adopting any children.

A rep for Aniston exclusively told Gossip Cop that the new Life & Style cover story is “all made-up crap.” That’s hardly a surprise considering the magazine peddled almost the same exact claim nearly a year ago, and then announced earlier this year that Aniston was three months pregnant (see below). Of course, there’s no mention of pregnancy now; that’s a shocker.

Rumors about Jennifer Aniston having a baby — either through adoption or the old fashioned way — have been circulating for several months now. Back in April, similar rumors circulated, claiming that Jen had finally gotten pregnant after months of trying to conceive.

“She is playing things close to the vest, but her friends are wondering. Babies have been on her brain, and she has always said that she would like to be married before little ones come along.”

The April report also claimed Jen and Justin were planning to marry in secret, pegging the date as sometime in May.

“The wedding is set for spring in Los Cabos, Mexico. She’s been nonchalant about the whole thing for so long, but now that the date is pinned down and the dress and venue are picked out, [Jennifer Aniston’s] bubbling over with joy.”

But Gossip Cop has taken down these rumors nearly ever time, claiming that sites are using uninformed sources and sometimes creating the stories out of thin air. Jennifer Aniston has also called out rumors in the past.

“I don’t like (the pressure) that people put on me, on women — that you’ve failed yourself as a female because you haven’t procreated,” Aniston told Allure magazine’s January 2015 issue.

Jennifer Aniston has not directly addressed the latest rumor that she’s adopting a baby after getting secretly married to Justin Theroux; instead letting her reps do the talking.

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