Missing Florida Teens: Two Life Jackets Found Near Savannah, GA May Have Belonged To Missing Boys [Video]

As the search for two missing Florida teens continues, a shocking discovery has been made. According to ABC News, Florida helicopter company, Heli Aviation, found two orange life jackets near a Savannah, GA sandbar. Although the publication has not specifically confirmed whether they were worn by the two missing 14-year-old boys, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, investigators are working to figure out if there is a definitive connection between the teens and the two mysterious life jackets.

It has been reported that the discovery has led to the dispatch of a dog search team provided by a Maine-based search group. According to ABC-7, the dogs will be searching the coastal area where the life jackets were found and hopefully, the search can lead to an explanation for the teens' mysterious disappearance.

The discovery of the life jackets comes just days after reports about the teens' boat. According to NBC News, the Coast Guard has confirmed that the boat belonging to the two boys has vanished. The boat, which was a major clue in the disappearance case, has mysteriously vanished out at sea. Coast Guard Lt. Commander Gabe Somma recently released a statement in regards to the situation and the priority of finding the boys.

"Once we found the boat and discovered that the boys weren't on board, we immediately shifted gears," he said. "When we're dealing with lives, and somebody's life is in jeopardy, we're dedicating our resources to go out there and find them."

The search for the two boys was reportedly suspended on Friday, July 31. Although the coast guard has no plans to locate and retrieve the missing boat, authorities are hoping the discovery of the life jackets lead them in the right direction.

[Image(s) via ABC-7 Screen Captures]