Matt Ryan Sits Down To Discuss Whether ‘Constantine’ Will Return, Where Will It Be, And Whether Ryan Will Star

Matt Ryan Sits Down to Discuss Whether Constantine Will Return, Where Will It Be, And Whether Ryan Will Star

Constantine, NBC’s attempt to bring Hellblazer to the television masses, was dropped nearly three months ago. However, Constantine and Hellblazer fans have continued to push for the fledgling show’s second season, and of course another appearance in some for John Constantine. The Inquisitr reported in July that Arrow star Stephen Amell, and one of the show’s producer/writers, brought up the idea of Constantine guest starring by name again.

Also, the running theme of Arrow season 4 is “magic and mysticism,” which any Hellblazer or John Constantine fan knows is his area of expertise. DCComicsMovie reports that Matt Ryan is not opposed to the idea of guest starring on Arrow. Ryan even seems to welcome the idea.

“I’ve heard the rumors and I think it would be really exciting. I think it would be cool to see how they wrote those two characters interacting with each other, you know?”

As any Constantine fan might wonder, how would John Constantine approach or react to Green Arrow, especially since the two do not seem to have interacted in the DC comic universe. Matt Ryan didn’t see him as a mentor type of character for Oliver.

“I don’t know, I think the one thing–What would be interesting, in the comics John always calls all the superheroes costumers. It’ll be weird to just turn around and go: ‘Hey, nice leather pants, if I don’t say so myself’. That’s what I love about John, is that he’s a real, fleshed out, three-dimensional human being, you know? He’s like not your average superhero, he’s like a jerk, you know? And I love the way he reacts in the comics, in the DC Universe with all those other characters. It’ll just be a little bit of fun, to see how he would react to The Flash, the Arrow…”

Constantine‘s Matt Ryan let fans know, during a Q&A at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, whether or not he would be interested in playing John Constantine in any capacity going forward. His answer will excite many fans, and reignite the #SaveConstantine army on Twitter.

“I have no idea, all I know is we’ve been all officially released from our contracts. DC, Warner Brothers own the property. It’ll be great, I told them before I left that I’ll be up for reprising the role, if down the line if they would ever want me to do that. I’m doing a play now, until January, if they ever want to pick up after that, then I’ll be up for it.”

So, though NBC bailed on Constantine, their actor Matt Ryan is ready, willing, and able. It would appear the ball is in Warner Bros. court, should they ever bring Ryan and Constantine back to TV via Arrow or a second season, or a Justice League Dark film. For now, Constantine fans should stay vigilant, and keep up the pressure.

[Image Via Derek Hofmann]