Jae Crowder Instagram Photo: NBA Star’s Wife Hacks IG, Puts Alleged Mistress On Blast — Crowder Deletes Account

Jae Crowder’s Instagram account is certainly getting plenty of attention on Wednesday, August 5. Crowder’s Instagram, once found under instagram.com/cjc9boss, has been deleted. However, a photo and message not likely uploaded to Jae’s Instagram account by Crowder himself lives on in Internet infamy because of the heated message it contains.

Showing a photo of a woman wearing a black dress, high heels, posed with her hand on one hip with long dark hair, the caption of the photo that briefly appeared on Jae’s Instagram account and garnered at least 343 likes prior to the Instagram account being deleted is what’s making the news.

“This is a home wrecking h**! She’s a former drug dealer and she has abandoned her child trying to come up off athletes. Her 7-year-old child is currently in New York City with her ex who pretends to be his father, who is also a drug dealer. She is desperate & lost! @lil_tokyo”

As reported by the New York Post, Crowder’s response and follow-up from that Instagram post, which was purportedly uploaded by Jae’s wife, included a photo of his family with a “Family is forever” message. A forward for the Boston Celtics, Crowder also included a shamrock emoji with a green heart next to the photo. However, Jae’s Instagram would soon be toast once the whole account was deleted. It was a popular Instagram account for Jae, one that boasted about him having “MADE MY DREAMS REALITY..!”. And the fact that the @CJC9BOSS had posted 476 posts to IG and enjoyed 50,700 Instagram followers meant it was an established IG account to delete.

However, Jae still has his Twitter account as of this moment.


As for the woman allegedly called out on Crowder’s Instagram account, her IG is set to private. Her Instagram account points to a Lavie NYC page in the description that has retail items. But that hasn’t stopped Lil Tokyo(@Jus_Call_Me_Fly) from tweeting up a storm about the Jae situation.


Lil Tokyo blamed the Crowder Instagram melee on Jae’s account being hacked.

“Stop @’ing me stupid stuff obviously his page was hacked”

Also interesting are the @Lil_Tokyo Instagram comments on an Instagram page called Guns_r_up that lists information from a foreclosure case that Erica says is not related to her.

As reported by the Inquisitr, other Instagram news going viral besides the Jae situation involved asparagus water from Whole Foods.

[Image via Instagram]