Jim Edmonds Defends Wife Meghan Edmonds From Vicki Gunvalson’s Criticism

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Jim Edmonds has something to say about the criticism that his wife, Meghan King Edmonds, has received from her The Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, Vicki Gunvalson. On Tuesday, Jim retweeted a tweet from a viewer who criticized Vicki for constantly questioning Meghan on why she’s not with Jim in St. Louis. The viewer pointed out that Meghan is obviously in Orange County while Jim is in St. Louis because she’s filming the show.

Jim not only retweeted the tweet but also seemed to say that Meghan is actually working by filming the reality TV show.

Last week’s episode showed the group arriving in Tahiti. During one group meal, Vicki Gunvalson questioned Meghan Edmonds’ decision to quit her job upon starting her relationship with Jim. Vicki also repeatedly asked Meghan why she’s not with her husband, a former professional baseball player who is now a broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest, so much. Meghan responded that it was better for her and Jim’s relationship that she quit her job because it wasn’t conducive to their relationship, and that she stays in California while Jim is in the Midwest so that she can watch over Jim’s daughter from a previous marriage while she stays close to her mother, LeAnn Edmonds. LeAnn was going through cancer treatment at the time of filming, but has since passed away. Vicki later told the camera that Meghan may later regret not having financial independence.

“I don’t think it was a good idea for Meghan to quit her job. What’s Meghan going to do when Jim moves on to wife number 4? It’s very obvious Jim Edmonds has money. Meghan doesn’t work. What does she do to bring in some money? Looks like she goes to her husband for it.”

In another scene, Vicki, the owner of a successful insurance company, got into an argument with Meghan over whether stay-at-home wives/moms need and should ask their husbands before making big purchases.

Monday night’s episode showed Vicki and Meghan clashing yet again. Vicki told Meghan, stepmom to Jim’s four children from two previous marriages, that her love for her stepchildren is different from the love that a mom would have for her biological child and that she would never know the difference until she has a child of her own. Meghan cried and said that she wished she was her stepchildren’s mother.

Vicki Gunvalson apparently hasn’t warmed up to Meghan Edmonds since filming for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 ended. On Monday, she retweeted a viewer’s tweet that asked Bravo to not bring Meghan back for the next season.

Vicki also retweeted another viewer’s tweet that said that Meghan should stop trying to be her stepchildren’s mom.

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